We thought the family feud between Casey Kasem’s kids and their stepmom—Kasem’s much younger second wife, Jean—hit its peak when the kids filed for conservatorship of their father’s health. The legal action was in response to Kasem’s wife keeping the former radio host locked up in their mansion and blocking his family and friends from visiting him while he suffers from advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease.

We were wrong, because things have definitely gotten even worse with this celebrity family. The kids’ petition for conservatorship has been delayed after a judge ruled that the 81-year-old was receiving proper care at home at the hands of his young wife—he has reportedly been checked on by police, social service workers, and a court-appointed attorney.

Kasems’s young wife is finally making her position known, calling the media circus surrounding her husband’s health and the bold accusations her stepkids are making about her a “living nightmare.” In the court documents, she stated that her husband was receiving medical attention around the clock and that she hoped he would be most comfortable in the “love of his own home.” She also said that his kids’ “disturbing” behavior would just be an “intolerable and an unpleasant experience for us all, including specifically [for] Casey.”


It doesn’t end there. Kasem’s wife took it one step further and accused his kids of just being money hungry. She claimed that she and her husband had lent them upwards of $150,000 annually for a few years to help cover costs for schooling, housing, travel, and transportation, among other things, and the money was never paid back.

Meanwhile, Kasem’s kids are arguing that they have had power of attorney since 2007, which gives them rights over their father’s health. But his wife is claiming that, because of a document her husband signed in 2011, their power of attorney was nullified and, as a result, she’s still in charge of his medical care.

Mrs. Kasem’s attorney, on behalf of his client, asked that the kids refrain from bringing “anymore unwanted publicity to the Kasem name.” He also said that Kasem’s wife decided that it was “unhealthy for Casey to have his kids in the house,” although he couldn’t specify why, and that she decided that she had to “draw the line” by barring them from coming around. His kids, however, have made it clear that they’re not willing to back down and will continue to fight for visitation rights.

What do you think: Who should have control over Casey Kasem’s medical care, his kids or his wife?



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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com


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