In addition to being a Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, Carrie Underwood is also a new mom to nine-month old Isaiah. And like any new mom will probably tell you, alone time just doesn’t exist anymore. But Underwood clearly isn’t letting that get in the way of accomplishing her fitness goals—she just takes her son with her.

Underwood just shared a video on Instagram of her at the gym doing squats while cradling her son in her arms—the baby actually seemed to be enjoying the rocking motion. In the caption, Underwood wrote, “Sometimes we just have to make it work!” she also added several motivating hashtags, including “StayThePath” and “FitMom.”

The video racked up over 67,500 likes on Instagram, along with thousands of comments from fans commending her for the effort. Several followers also sympathized with Underwood and added their own stories about working out with their kids.


Underwood also shared a second post on Instagram, this time a photo of her lying on a mat with her son over top of her. She described the moment as, “When your post-workout stretch turns you into a human jungle gym…” With over 76,000 likes, this post was an even bigger hit than the first one. Again, fans praised the musician for being so down to Earth and for sharing what it’s really like to be a working mother trying to stay healthy. One follower summed it up perfectly with her comment: “This is what we need to see more of from celebrities.”

Although the two posts showed a touching moment between mother and son, they also helped to spread the word about Underwood’s latest project, CALIA by Carrie Underwood, a new line of workout and lifestyle apparel and accessories.

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