Don’t be surprised if you are hearing the name “Carlin Q. Williams” for the first time. However, this will not be the last time you’ll hear about this guy. It’s strange that only a few days ago, Carlin Q. Williams was a nobody. Then, why has he topped the searches all over the Internet? That is because Carlin Q. Williams has claimed to be the “real” son of Prince. That’s right, Williams has alleged that he is the biological son of the late superstar. So, when people search for “Who is Prince’s son?” Williams’ name shows up. And, the next thing you will be surprised to see are photos of Prince’s “son” in jail.

So, before you take a look at the Carlin Q. Williams wiki, you must know that he is currently behind bars. Carlin Q Williams is incarcerated in Colorado federal prison at this moment. Finding out that Prince has a biological son and he’s in prison must be very odd to digest. At first, we were glad to know Prince has a real heir who will inherit his net worth and his legacy. Then, we feel puzzled to see photos of Prince’s son in jail.

A few days back, everyone was eager to know the cause of Prince’s death, trying to find the truth behind those “AIDS” rumors. And, many of us were also glad to listen to Prince’s new songs when some unreleased tracks were dropped on the Internet. Now, we find out that the late pop star has a son and his name is Carlin Q. Williams.

This is why the Carlin Q. Williams wiki below is a must-read for all of us. It’s time to know all there is to know about Prince’s “alleged” son.

Carlin Q. Williams Wiki

Who is Carlin Q. Williams?

Carlin Q. Williams is the 39-year-old son of Marsha Henson. He is currently an inmate serving time in a federal prison. So far, we know that Prince has never publicly admitted of fathering a child in his entire life. We do know that Prince had married his back-up dancer Mayte Garcia in 1996 and they had a boy named George. Since George was born with disorders, he died just a week after his birth. There’s not been any update on Prince’s children until very recently when Carlin Q. Williams claimed to be his biological son. Besides being in prison, Carlin Q. Williams is also said to be a musician and a rapper who goes by the stage name Prince Dracula. His current presence in the media makes him one of the most-searched people of the past few days. In fact, everyone who’s looking Prince’s son’s photos is trying to find Carlin Q. Williams’ Facebook account.

Marsha Henson’s Claim

Marsha Henson is the mother of Carlin Q. Williams. She has claimed that she hooked up with Prince Rogers Nelson way before he was famous. Marsha Henson has a sworn affidavit that claims Prince was the father of her son Carlin. Henson states that Prince was just 17 when they had met in 1977 in Kansas City. Supporting his mother Marsha Henson’s statement, Carlin Q. Williams has demanded a DNA test to prove this. If the results favor Marsha Henson’s claim, then it may deem Williams a beneficiary of Prince’s estate, which is currently getting dissolved in the court.