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Carl Azuz is a prolific journalist best known for his remarkable news reporting and wit on CNN 10. But recently, he has been trending on social media himself. Questions about if Carl Azuz is dead and what happened to him have been trending. All because he was recently MIA from CNN 10, and his antsy young viewers want him back. Is the reporter the subject of a celebrity death hoax? Or is Carl Azuz simply leaving CNN 10? The journalist debunked the rumors from beyond the grave himself!

Carl Azuz Exits CNN

Twitter was abuzz for a week, with many people wondering if Carl Azuz is dead. Some even directly hit up his Twitter page to verify the claims straight from the source.

And the source responded. Carl Azuz not only debunked his death hoax on Twitter, but he also posted a clip on TikTok to show that he is very much alive and well.

The rumor seemingly stemmed from Azuz’s absence from CNN 10. He anchored a daily show aimed at reporting news in a fun and factual manner for students. However, as of September 12, former NFL pro-turned-CNN correspondent Coy Wire is anchoring the show.

The change in the lineup might seem sudden, but it’s not entirely. Azuz announced his departure from CNN on his TikTok page previously.

Carl Azuz graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in telecommunications art production in 1985. He joined CNN in 2015 as a full-time anchor.

He’s been incredibly entertaining and engaging to his student viewers. So his departure from the network felt sudden to his followers.

Azuz and CNN have not revealed the reason behind his departure. A statement by CNN said it was the journalist’s “personal decision” to leave. He hasn’t revealed what is next for him in the future either and if he will return to broadcasting soon.

Nonetheless, Carl Azuz assured his followers that he would remain connected with them on social media. He also hinted that he has something up his sleeve for the near future.

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This isn’t the first time Azuz has been the subject of a death hoax. A social media user spread the rumor one April Fools’ Day that the news anchor was found dead in his Georgia home. Azuz debunked that rumor himself then, too, with a teaching moment to check facts and sources when seeing such claims.