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Cardi B and Tommy Geez were talked about for quite a while. Sadly, they’re not together anymore. Nevertheless, we’ve got some interesting details about Cardi B’s ex-boyfriend.

Not too long ago, people were wondering who Cardi B’s boyfriend, Tommy Geez is. While Cardi B is a famous hip hop artist as well as a popular social media and television personality, there was a bit of confusion about her boyfriend. Well, she and the rapper began dating before Tommy Geez was sent to jail for gun possession. It was believed that the two were madly in love and she was going to wait for him to be released. Surprisingly, however, in 2016, Tommy Geez and Cardi B parted ways because she was reportedly too busy to keep visiting him behind bars. Cardi B was getting increasingly famous and her list of admirers was growing by the day. In 2018, he will be released and people are already talking about whether or not he’ll be the newest addition to the Love and Hip Hop: New York cast. If he does, we wonder how Cardi B will feel sharing the spotlight with her ex. We’re not sure what to expect —fire, love, drama, all of the above? But there’s still a bit of time before we can even think of that possibility. For now, we’ve got some interesting facts about Cardi B’s ex-boyfriend.

All about Tommy Geez

Although Tommy Geez’s age is unknown, there’s a lot that we do know about him. The rapper is currently serving four years of imprisonment for gun charges. He is a Harlem native, has a heart tattoo on his neck, and is said to have made most of his money selling dope on the streets. The rapper started his own independent label, O3GMG.

Tommy Geez’s Instagram

Tommy Geez’s photos are all over his Instagram page. Take a look at some of them below:

In spite of his current situation, Geez is still hopeful about winning Cardi B beack. Though she did mention that she wanted to marry him one day, it was difficult for her to wait for a man behind bars for so long. With her newfound popularity, we might not hear about the two getting back together next year. But when it comes to love, there’s always some hope! We’ll just have to  wait and see if he joins Love and Hip Hop: New York to know what happens between the two.