Cardi B on the Disney Channel. Credits: Jamie McCarthy / Staff /Getty Images

Your childhood was probably pretty entertaining if you watched the hit Disney Channel show, Choo Choo Soul! The show had a conductor who made sure you learned your alphabets and poems. Now, looking back, a lot of people are confused as some have alleged that the female conductor was actually Cardi B! Now the question remains, did Cardi B work for Disney channel?

The line, “All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!” takes us back to our childhood and brings back a lot of great memories. This is especially so for those who watched the hit show on the Disney Channel and sang along to all those classic tunes.

Besides being entertaining, the show also ensured that kids learned their alphabet in a fun way. And people were so in love with the female conductor, who entertained kids with her beautiful voice.

Currently, for some reason, Cardi B on Disney channel is trending. And if you take a close look at those old Choo Choo Soul episodes, that gorgeous conductor looks an awful lot like the current Queen of Rap! A lot of people are now searching if Cardi B was a part of the Disney Channel show or if she ever hosted one.

Cardi B Disney Channel Rise in Trend

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Cardi B Disney Channel Queries

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Did Cardi B Host a Disney Show?

As you can see from the screenshots above, the news about Cardi B, or rather, questions about Cardi B being on Disney Channel started trending on Sunday. It’s most likely because viewers saw her on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and tried putting two and two together.

However, it turns out that Cardi B has not hosted a single show on the Disney Channel. This confusion arose because a lot of people feel that the conductor of Choo Choo Soul and Cardi B may have been the same person! Perhaps before she launched her monumental music career?

When many of the people on social media assumed that it was Cardi B on Choo Choo Soul, they took to Twitter. This confusion has been going on for almost a year now!

Social Media Reactions

Well actually, for several years people believed the fact that Cardi B was the singer on the Choo Choo Soul train! Fortunately, that confusion has been solved and people finally found out who the real Choo Choo Soul girl is.

So, Who Is the Choo Choo Soul Girl?

The real conductor in the music videos of Disney’s Choo Choo Soul is Genevieve Goings. The 37-year-old is a singer, songwriter, and a producer.

Goings has contributed to a lot of voice-over work for several video games and toy companies. She also has a fitness and exercise show for children called The Happy Hearts Club.

Cardi B Choo Choo Soul Memes

When people thought the girl on Choo Choo Soul was Cardi B, Twitterati took to the platform and expressed their emotions in the form of memes. Some of them are given below for your pure enjoyment.

The Lit Show on Disney

Preaching It Right