Robert Downey Jr. Joins Captain America 3 For Civil War. (Credits: BagoGames/flickr,

The wait is almost over as Marvel’s latest film, Captain America: Civil War, is almost here! It feels like Friday is so far away, but fans have been very patient (we should get some kind of reward for not rioting in the streets). With a series of spoilers, clips, and intense commercials all over the media, some still aren’t sure whose side they are on. Are you team Captain America or are you team Iron Man? That’s part of the marketing strategy that Marvel has used to get our attention, aside from the high level of action from this mini Avengers movie.

Captain America: Civil War is based on the Marvel comic of the same name and is centered around superheroes needing to be registered by the government. The comic, however, doesn’t have the happy ending that people would hope and ultimately leads to the assassination of Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Much like the comic, the movie is based on the idea that after recent events, the Avengers need to be monitored by the government (in the movie’s case, the United Nations) after another mission creates a high body count of civilians. A somewhat reformed bad boy, Tony Stark (Iron Man) supports the Sokovia Accords, the document that allows the U.N. to control the Avengers and other heroes, telling them whether or not they are needed for active duty. Steve Rogers (Captain America) is against the Accords and believes that the safest hands are still their own. He’s also trying to help his old friend Bucky, who happens to be the infamous assassin The Winter Soldier, which also adds to the tension, causing Rogers to become a fugitive and turn against Stark.

So, whose side are we on? Well it was tough to decide and a political plot like this is more than black and white. There are valid points to each side, and in reality, you’d probably want a team of super-powered people to answer to someone, especially after all the collateral damage they cause. But strictly talking about powers and abilities, our money is on the first Avenger, Captain America.

Both veteran Avengers are powerful in their own right and have always been at odds when battling the bad guy of the week. Fighting Iron Man is actually a challenge for Captain America since the armored suit was invented by the genius mind of Tony Stark. Though Iron Man can fight, fly, shoot explosives out of every part of his suit and has super strength, we still think he’s no match for Captain’s virtually indestructible vibranium shield. The Captain is also a highly skilled combatant and gymnast—his creative fighting technique in the movies combined with his super strength, durability, and shield make him almost untouchable.

Does anyone remember when Captain America took down that jet with his shield after he was on the run from the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. in The Winter Soldier? That’s the kind of power you can expect to see in Captain America: Civil War and that’s why we think that Team Captain America might win since they have the best chance of winning.