Bono of U2 performs on stage during 'U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2019' at the Gocheok Sky Dome on December 08, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

The lead singer from maybe the most popular band on earth, Bono’s net worth may be as impressive as his musical catalogue. Throughout the decades of filling stadiums and creating music that generations can sing to, the Bono net worth is about $600.0 million through insightful investing and being a good business practices.

Facebook Investment Puts Bono Close to Billionaire Status 

With his early investment in Facebook, Bono was hoping to become the first musician to crack the billion dollar mark. But despite being part of a private equity firm called Elevation Partners that made that investment, his personal cut of Facebook going public in 2012 is still unknown. Bono’s $86.0 million investment in the social media giant totaled roughly 2.3%; he made this investment with four other partners who make up the entirety of Elevation Partners. Even if that percentage was split evenly, Bono still falls short of the billionaire club.

Tour Life

Bono’s Facebook investment aside, he’s made plenty of money doing what he and his band do best, and that’s touring. Forbes cites U2 as having made an astounding $500.0 million off shows in the last 10 years alone. They’ve also made history with their U2 360 Degrees tour, grossing a record $736 million in the two years of circling the globe from 2009 to 2011, and selling over seven million tickets. The band is said to have pocketed $195.0 million of that sum.

Bono and U2 then hit the road for their Innocence + Experience tour in 2015. The band decided to forego the stadium venues and scaled down a bit to doing multiple shows in arenas.

U2 grossed over $32.0 million in the first 17 shows alone, selling close to 300,000 tickets. That should put a smile on Bono’s face because, by the time the North American leg of the tour was over, his band had already grossed over $70 million.

Bono net worth:

$600.0 million

Yearly earning: $75,000,000
Rattle and Hum $150,000,000
The Simpsons $120,000,000
Entropy $85,714,286
The Million Dollar Hotel $66,666,667
Rewind $33,333,333


The highlight of these dates had to be New York. The band did eight nights and sold a mind-bending 150,000 tickets, grossing over $19.0 million. All 36 shows on the North American part of their tour were sold out. After the success of New York.

Bono for Life

When Bono isn’t busy making millions on stage with his band mates, he’s out trying to save the world. He’s long been known as an activist who has donated millions to several causes. His most recent partnership with Revo luxury sunglasses is another example of his charity since $10.00 of each sale will go towards vision care, which is fitting since Bono himself admits to having suffered from glaucoma for the past 20 years.

Bono’s major contributions, however, usually come through his non-profit organization, One. Through this platform started in 2004, Bono is on a bold mission to alleviate poverty and constantly raises awareness on issues such as AIDS and national debt. This led to TIME Magazine naming Bono its “Person of the Year” in 2005.

It’s hard to find much fault with how outspoken Bono has been and the success he’s been a part of with U2. And as much money as he’s made—and he’s made a heck of a lot—it’s good to see he’s been able to maintain a level of care and respect for issues that directly impact people all over the world. He may not be a billionaire yet, but he’s working towards making a mark on a billion lives.