Alexandra Cooper (L) and Sofia Franklyn are seen in the Flatiron District on January 29, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Call Her Daddy, the popular podcast hosted by Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper, hasn’t had any new episodes recently. Its fans have been speculating that Barstool Sports dropped the podcast from its lineup. There are all kinds of theories floating around the Internet about what happened to Call Her Daddy. Social media posts by the hosts of this hilariously explicit podcast only fuel those speculations. The hosts confirmed that the show is really going through something. We’ve got the details about it right here.

What Happened to Call Her Daddy?

Call Her Daddy, which is a part of the Barstool Sports lineup, is an explicit and hilarious podcast on sex and the dating scene. Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper host the podcast in a no-holds-barred style that has earned them a loyal fan base.

These fans have been missing the podcast, which hasn’t had any new episodes in recent weeks. Just as fans were speculating that Barstool Sports had cancelled Call Her Daddy, the podcast’s official social media handles posted a statement that indicated something was up.

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The social media statement revealed that Call Her Daddy is embroiled in a legal issue with Barstool Sports. But, while they pride themselves on being honest with fans, they can’t speak about the subject currently for legal reasons.

Barstool Sports legally owns the Call Her Daddy IP. If Franklyn and Cooper were to leave the media enterprise—whether they were to quit or be fired—they wouldn’t be entitled to the Call Her Daddy franchise. So, if they indeed plan to take the brand with them, they’ll have a legal battle on their hands.

Nonetheless, it’s not clear if that is the case. Neither the hosts nor Barstool Sports have been clear about why there aren’t any new episodes of Call Her Daddy.

However, this hasn’t stopped fans from speculating.

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Fans Speculate That Franklyn & Cooper Will Start a New Podcast

Franklyn and Cooper are currently in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic, but they’re active on social media. However, they haven’t commented on the situation between their podcast and Barstool Sports.

Fans’ reaction to the possible cancellation hasn’t been great. After the cryptic social media post by the show’s handle, the hashtag #freethefathers, which was in the same post, began trending on Twitter and Instagram. Fans have been expressing their displeasure using this hashtag and pledging their support to Franklyn and Cooper.

Fans on Reddit have their own theories about the show’s absence from its regular lineup. The possibility of Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn leaving to have their own podcast is the most popular. The hosts did previously mention that they’d one day have a different podcast and they could do that under a new name.

Other rumors on Reddit speculate that the women had a falling out with the show’s producer and quit or are looking to collaborate with Logan Paul.

It’s all unconfirmed speculation at this point and we can only wait until Franklyn, Cooper, or Barstool Sports make a statement.

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