Source: Instagram/caitlynjenner

Thanks to people like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, the world is starting to be more open to and learn more about the transgender community and the issues it faces. One thing that people are always curious about is what people have in their pants, regardless of how inappropriate that topic may be. However, when transgender women (or men) approach the topic themselves, it’s a different story. Caitlyn Jenner’s surgery has been a hot topic since she came out as a transgender woman with the now-infamous Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover, and the former Olympian recently talked a bit about the sex reassignment surgery that she may or may not have.

A new clip from Jenner’s hit show I Am Cait revealed that Jenner is unsure about the surgery, saying, “The last six months of my life have been really enlightening, but one thing I’m really not comfortable with is this issue of gender confirmation surgery.”

Only a few days ago, we mentioned how Caitlyn Jenner’s dating men was only going to happen after she had her surgery. She said she was currently focusing on herself, but that dating men—no matter how daunting the idea is to her—wasn’t out of the question, but wouldn’t happen until she had her surgery.

Now it seems Jenner is having second thoughts about the procedure. Her close friend Jenny Boylan, gives some sound advice in the clip, saying that the decision to have the surgery is “something that everyone has to wrestle with individually.” Boylan then points out that there are many transgender people who opt to eschew the surgery, but still live their lives as their identified gender. The idea that genitals make gender is an outdated one, and we think Boylan has hit the nail right on the head.

Regardless of what Jenner decides to do, we support her decision 100%!