Credit: Facebook/CaitlynJenner

The 66-year-old reality star of I Am Cait has been overwhelmed with questions about her personal life lately. Jenner said in a blog that she is not focused on men but more importantly, on herself.

Jenner recently confirmed that she is still single and would like to focus on her new identity and personal journey rather than dating.

In a blog post, Jenner wrote, “Ever since I transitioned, I’ve been asked ‘Who are you going to date?’ Here’s my answer: Me! Nine months into this and I’m still learning who I am.”

And while filming her E! show, I Am Cait, the reality star has learned the difficulties and potential awkwardness that comes with dating men as a trans woman.

In an interview with E!, Jenner talks about how hard and uncomfortable dating can be for a transgender person and about dealing with the fear of rejection.

Jenner seems to find it hard to relinquish control to an interested new stranger and her friend Candis confirms it, saying Jenner “doesn’t really know how to talk to guys at all.”

But not perfecting the art of dating and of rejection isn’t the only reason Jenner is holding back: the worry of how her daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, will take the news is also plaguing her mind.

“I think it might be a little bit tougher on the girls if it was a guy,” said Jenner. “I think yeah if I was dating some guy they would go, ‘Wow!’ I’m not looking forward to having conversations about dating with my kids.”

We think it’s great that Jenner is so introspective about her struggles and speaks of them so openly!