If you want to pick your favorites on American Idol this time around, we strongly suggest you lean towards Cade Foehner. Katy Perry swooned after she heard his rocking rendition of “All Along the Watchtower” and she literally almost passed out! He’s magical when it comes to music, and his ode to Jimi Hendrix last night on the singing competition was out of this world!

There are only a few who can have “that” effect on people, and Cade Foehner is one of those people. Miss “Hear Me Roar” was a victim of that effect, but you can’t blame her for reacting the way she did. The man is a music machine!

Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan had to restrain her from pouncing on Cade, especially after the whole Benjamin Glaze Kissgate! But the excited reaction she gave over Cade’s performance last night was warranted; it was breathtaking! Literally!


You can read all about Cade’s performance on American Idol, right here. And, we also have the video of his performance in case you missed it.

Charming Everyone

Jimi Hendrix is an idol. And the thought of enacting him on stage in front of millions of people is daunting.

Just when you thought there were enough singers (who we can’t even keep up with) in the world today, in comes Cade Foehner with his smooth rock star attitude, long and curly locks, and a whole lot of charm!

Cade’s genre is classic southern rock. His performance during the solo rounds this season got him a standing ovation.

Even Lionel was inspired and said, “C’mon man, take me back to ‘68.”


Katy was pretty much speechless, but her saying nothing did the job. She was mesmerized by the 21-year-old and after his solo performance, she was so stunned she acted like she’d just died and gone to heaven!

The judges are absolutely crazy about Cade. And his act last night just cemented that love for him.

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What Happened Last Night?

Did you see what the judges wrote on Twitter after Cade delivered his magical performance?

Luke posted a GIF of the star-struck judges with the caption, “What have you done to us?”


Cade took center stage during the selection of the Top 24 contestants of American Idol season 16. And what came from him next was pure gold!

The Texas native chose to perform “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix. (Ballsy!) Although his rendition was a little different from the original, his performance was perfection!

Cade is known to hit those high notes with complete ease. But what really attracts people to him is the way he carries himself as an artist.

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The whole package that Cade brings to the stage has the judges eating out of the palm of his hand every time.

Katy replied to Luke’s comment about him seeing some “hip thrust,” with an “I saw some things my minister parents had to shun!”

And, Cade’s a minister, too! Katy, of course, decided to sass it up a bit!

“You sure are a minister and you can preach to me any time you want,” the songstress cooed to Cade!

Meanwhile, Lionel, who was trying his best to keep Katy together, said about Cade’s performance, “It’s the attitude, it’s the personality. You’re bringing it all my friend, you’ve got it!”

The judges are convinced that Cade is going to become a huge star whether or not things happen for him on the competition. And as they put it, he already is a star!

Cade’s rendition of Jimi Hendrix just may have secured him a spot in the next round. But as a contestant in the Top 24, he still has a long way to go!

Here’s Cade Foehner’s performance from last night:

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