(from left to right) Jen Metzger, Michel Smith Boyd and Anna Kilinski from Buying It Blind (Photo: Steve Dietl/Bravo)

Could you trust someone else to buy your dream home? Bravo’s newest offering puts a spin on home buying and renovation. Buying It Blind, which premieres on November 2, sees potential homeowners hand over the responsibility of buying and renovating their home to three of the industry’s best. Michel Smith Boyd, Jen Metzger, and Anna Kilinski are going to make sure their clients don’t have a case of buyer’s remorse. Here’s what you need to know about the cast of Buying It Blind.

What Is Buying It Blind?

Buying It Blind is not your run-of-the-mill home reno show. Inspired by an Australian TV show, this new home-renovating experience comes to Atlanta courtesy of Bravo.

The six-episode season follows a different couple each week whose home-buying aspirations have reached a breaking point. These frustrated clients sign a contract to leave the entire decision-making process and their budget in the hands of three home-buying experts.

The couples can’t see their home until after it’s finished. They will then be challenged with the decision to accept their new home.

Three industry gurus with expertise in real estate, construction, and design are blindly tasked with saving their clients from buyer’s remorse.

Anna Kilinski, Realtor

Anna Kilinski Brent is the CEO of the Anna K Intown Real Estate Team in Atlanta, Georgia. While finding a home for her clients is no big deal in her daytime job, things are going to be different for Kilinski on Buying It Blind.

Kilinski’s known to bluntly tell her clients when a home is not worth their investment. But this time, she has to find a home that best fits her clients’ requirements and budget, knowing they won’t be seeing the home she picked for them until later.

Posted by Anna Kilinski Brent on Monday, February 22, 2016

But that shouldn’t be difficult for Kilinski, who not only has years of experience in the business but practically grew up in the industry. She learned the ropes of the business from her father and brothers before working as a project manager for an Atlanta developer. She now balances motherhood with a thriving career.

Anna says that despite how it may seem, the show is as authentic as it gets. The trailer for the first season certainly has some authentic disappointment when couples initially see the home Anna has bought on their behalf.

But as Kilinski and her costars state, they buy a home for what it can be.

Jen Metzger, Contractor

Jen Metzger is one of the most sought-after contractors in Atlanta. A licensed realtor and founding member of the Jared Sapp Real Estate Group, the Lovett School graduate is known to find homes that are truly diamonds in the rough.

Like Kilinski, construction is in Jen’s blood. Her father is a builder and Jen grew up on construction sites. The former soccer player has constructed over 500 units in Charlottesville.

This yogi and mother of three kids and rescue dogs is not shy about taking a hammer to a house if it means giving a client what they want.

While Buying it Blind clients won’t be able to see the process, they are part of it with their constant input. And it can get quite difficult with the couples having conflicting demands. It’s Metzger’s job to balance their requirements with the potential the house has.

Michel Smith Boyd, Celebrity Interior Decorator

It’s not often that a celebrity interior guru renovates your home. Louisiana native Michel Smith Boyd took New York by storm and he’s now in Atlanta to help potential homeowners buy it blind.

Armed with a BFA in interior design from the Art Institute, he has created commercial and residential spaces as well as curated home decor collections. His sophisticated designs have also been featured in multiple magazines.

Smith’s expertise lies in balancing what we regular folk might think is an odd mix of tastes. He’s certainly a right fit for couples who haven’t found their ideal home because of differing tastes.

Watch Anna, Jen, and Michel find the ideal home for potential homeowners when Buying It Blind premieres on November 2, at 8:00 p.m. EST, only on Bravo.

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