Aaron Kromer’s temper got the better of him this past weekend—the offensive line coach for the NFL’s Buffalo Bills was arrested this past Sunday in Florida and charged with misdemeanor battery for punching a boy in the face and then trying to keep him quiet by threatening to take out his family.

The altercation started when Kromer confronted three young men, one of whom is said to be his neighbor’s underage son, about using his beach chairs while fishing nearby, according to the statement from the sheriff’s office ibn Walton County.

Kromer, 48, allegedly grabbed one of their fishing rods and hurled it in the water. The report says that he proceeded to push one of the three boys down on the ground and threw a punch, causing bodily harm to the boy’s left eye. Kromer then reportedly demanded that the chairs be immediately put back where they were picked up from and told the boy that if he told the police anything, his family would be murdered.


The police report states that Kromer’s 21-year-old son Zachary, who was there when the incident occurred, tried to diffuse the situation after his father left by talking to the boys and helping them find the tossed fishing rod.

Kromer was released on a bond less than two hours after getting booked. The Bills have since released a statement confirming that they’re aware of the incident and are still “in the process of gathering the facts.” The review could take weeks, months even, but since the NFL’s personal conduct policy also applies to coaches, Kromer risks a lengthy suspension from the Buffalo Bills, if not a complete termination of his contract. That would leave the team with no offensive line coach, which is critical with only three weeks left before training camp starts on July 31.


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