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We all know Bryan Cranston as drug kingpin Walter White in Breaking Bad. The versatile actor showed his seamless transition from comedic roles to more dramatic ones. But do you know who Bryan Cranston is married to? For everyone wondering about Bryan Cranston’s wife, here’s the lowdown with Robin Dearden’s wiki.

The story of how Bryan Cranston met Robin Dearden is not your typical “love at first sight” type story. They met on set, and one of them was tied up —but not in that way! Now, Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden have been happily together for over 30 years. Find out everything you need to know about Robin Dearden’s wiki right here! 

She Met the Love of Her Life as He Pointed a Gun at Her

In 1986, while shooting an episode of Airwolf, Bryan Cranston and Robin Dearden met when Cranston guest starred as a jilted ex who holds a cruise of sorority girls hostage. Dearden was one of the sorority sisters being held hostage. In an interview she recalled that he held a gun to her head when they first met. All Cranston said about that day was, “It was 30 years ago that we met on that terrible TV show, It changed both of our lives.”

Dearden quipped that though they were both involved with other people at the time, she remembered thinking to herself, “He’s kind of cute, he’s got a gun.” Though neither were single, they innocently flirted with each other, thinking that it would not lead to anything more. They bumped into each other about a year later and they noticed that their friendly kiss lingered a little too long. The rest, as they say, is history! 

She Is Cranston’s Second Wife

Bryan Cranston was married to Mickey Middleton, a writer. They dated for around a year, and got married on November 10, 1977. But after four years together, the relationship lost its charm, and they split up in 1982.

Dearden and Cranston Have a Daughter Named Taylor

Taylor Cranston was born on February 12, 1993 making her age 24. She is following in the footsteps of her parents and has already established herself as an actress in the industry. Taylor was seen in Sweet/Vicious and 101 Ways to Get Rejected, and is welcoming more roles that come her way.

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Robin Appeared in a Scene of Breaking Bad

In her husband’s hugely successful show about a chemistry teacher-turned-drug-dealer, Bryan Cranston’s wife and daughter both made cameos. Taylor and Dearden appeared as extras on the same episode. 

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Robin’s Line of Work

Robin Dearden has had plenty of work as an actress since her appearance with Cranston in Airwolf. She is also known for movies like Last Chance (1999), Wooly Boys (2001), and Myron’s Movie (2004).