BruceWillis_EmmaHemingBruce Willis recently put his $22.0 million Beverly Hills mansion back on the market to relocate to a new neighborhood—one with a not-so-new neighbor.

The 58-year-old actor—along with his second wife, 34-year-old Emma Heming, and their one-year-old daughter—have moved into the same New York apartment complex where his ex-wife, Demi Moore, lives. But don’t be misled; it wasn’t to rub his happy new marriage to a hot young woman in Moore’s face. The move was actually so that the former celebrity couple could share family time with their three kids.

While many women might be resentful of their ex-husbands moving on, especially with a younger woman, Moore couldn’t be happier to have Willis and Heming nearby because she feels like it will give their blended family much more privacy. Plus, Willis and Moore have remained good friends since divorcing in 2000, and she has always turned to him for a shoulder to lean on.


If you were in Heming’s shoes, how would you feel about living so close to your husband’s ex-wife?

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