Fox’s hit TV show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine that got its lead actor, Andy Samberg a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Jake Peralta, returns tonight with Season 3 Episode 11: “Hostage Situation.”

Last episode, the cast ventured to a store to buy a gift for Boyle, when they get trapped, and realize that there was a theft being committed. Peralta managed to live his Die Hard dream while Amy tried her luck at joining Rosa and Holt in a Polar Club swim. Episode 11 guarantees an interesting episode what with Boyle and his ex-wife having a pretty awkward conversation with his ex-wife.

Also, Peralta’s MIA mother, Karen will be introduced in this season, with Katey Sagal being roped in for the role. What’s more, Peralta’s father (Bradley Whitford) will also make a comeback, forming a rather tense scenario. There will also be more of Charles and Genevieve, and their budding romance which could potentially be sabotaged by Eleanor (Kathryn Hahn), Boyle’s ex.


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Photo: Facebook/Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Parallel to this, Amy and Terry will attempt to write a letter of recommendation, alas with a “disastrous” result. There has also been news that New Girl’s Damon Wayans Jr. will make a guest appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3. Rumor has it that he will play Peralta’s original partner, Stevie.

On social media, several fans wrote comments about the show like, “I started watching this show just to have something on while I fell asleep. Turns out it’s now one of my favorite shows! I also got my wife turned onto it! [sic],” and, “As has been said by people before me, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the only show on this block worth tuning in for [sic].”

Meanwhile, a few fans not bitten by the social media bug yet, were surprised that the show has moved to Tuesday from Sunday. It is part of Fox’s “New Year New Tuesdays” strategy which will also air New Girl, Grandfathered, and The Grinder along with Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However it seems that Andy Samberg’s show has received the best time slot of 9/8c. And while you wait for Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 11 to return tonight, check out the trailer below.

Image Source: Facebook/Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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