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It’s official: actress Chloe Grace Moretz and budding photographer Brooklyn Beckham have made their relationship public on Beckham’s Instagram page. Fans have been wondering “Who’s Brooklyn Beckham dating?” but now they can sleep easy—or cry learning that it’s not them he’s dating. According to People magazine, Beckham, 17, and Moretz, 19, were seen showing PDA at a Los Angeles restaurant at dinner with Beckham’s parents—yes, that’s the David and Victoria Beckham—along with his siblings. So, naturally we thought we would take a look at Beckham’s love life before meeting Moretz.

Sonia Ben Ammar

First of all, it’s no surprise that Beckham’s dating life is limited—he’s only 17 and doesn’t flaunt himself in front of the camera on purpose. But he was rumored to be dating now 17-year-old French actress and model, Sonia Ben Ammar, in 2015. According to Daily Mail, the two would go to concerts together and seemed very affectionate towards one another. However, the reason for their breakup is unknown, but there was speculation that Beckham’s mother wasn’t too involved in getting to know Ben Ammar. (But we don’t know that for sure!)

Chloe Grace Moretz

The on-again-off again couple has now been seen on again, at least on Beckham’s Instagram. But it’s not just Beckham’s Instagram giving fans bread crumbs; Moretz’s Instagram is also dropping hints about being Beckham’s girlfriend with a recent interesting post. “Just a mermaid.. Making her way to London. To find her prince.. [sic]” This quote is obviously about Moretz’s new role in the live-action adaption of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, filming in London, but her post was written four days ago and Beckham’s photo was a day ago. So, if you do the math, you might also come to the conclusion that her prince is also Beckham—which is not so far-fetched really.

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Growing up in the public eye is hard, and Beckham has been rumored to be dating anyone and everyone tabloids can think of—he was even rumored by fans to be dating Selena Gomez! The actress and singer quickly denied those rumors on TV and even added a very confused face, commenting on how young Beckham was too young for her. Either way, we wish the young couple well and hope this time it works out for them.

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