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About Brooke Shields
Age52 Years
BirthMay 31, 1965 New York City
Height1.83 m
SpouseChris Henchy 2001 - Present,
Andre Agassi 1997 - 1999
ChildrenRowan Francis Henchy, Grier Hammond Henchy
AlumniPrinceton University

Brooke Shields was a former child star who was first introduced to Hollywood through modeling. She is one of Playboy’s most famous cover models, but an earlier Playboy spread with Brooke Shields caused controversy.

Brooke Shields is one of Hollywood’s finest actresses. Every fan of this A-list actress knows she got her start as a child star. But very few know she used to be a child model and pushed the envelope with artistic photo spreads.

At one point in her career, a young Brooke Shields posed for Playboy. Her photos were scandalous back then and are now stirring controversy after the death of Hugh Hefner.


The Playboy mogul was a pioneer in sexual liberation, but why did Brooke Shields’ Playboy magazine photos cause such a stir? Keep reading to find out.

How Old Was Brooke Shields When She Posed for Playboy?

Brooke Shields was born to socialite and actress, Teri Shields, and once said that her mother decided when she was an infant that showbiz was her calling. She was only 11 months old when she began modeling for a soap ad. And Eileen Ford started a children’s division at Ford Models just for Shields.

At 12 years old, Shields was making her foray into acting while ascending the modeling world. She was the youngest fashion model to ever be featured on the cover of Vogue at 14 years old. That same year, she did an ad campaign with Calvin Klein jeans which catapulted the designer to megastar status.

An underage Shields posed in CK jeans and a shirt that was buttoned in just one spot. The infamous ad received criticism for promoting an inappropriate image of an underage model but Shields and the designer gained unprecedented visibility. However, that wasn’t the most risqué photoshoot Shields had done.

When she was 10, she posed in her birthday suit for a set of images called “Woman in a Child” taken by photographer Gary Gross with her mother’s consent. The photos were meant to be used in the Playboy Press publication Sugar ‘n’ Spice. Some of those were full-frontal images taken in a bathtub.


Shields was tied up in litigation as a result of those photographs. But a U.S. court had ruled that a child artist was bound by the contract signed by their guardian, and the images didn’t violate any laws.

Shields went on to continue her modeling career and ventured into acting. Even her initial roles were controversial for her nude scenes, which again led to age-inappropriate representation.

After the death of Hugh Hefner, some Twitter users are rolling their eyes that the Playboy mogul is being glorified. While it was true that he spearheaded a revolution, some Twitterati can’t agree on his greatness after he published pictures of a 10-year-old Shields and an 11-year-old Eva Ionesco without a stitch.

Ionesco was the youngest Playboy model ever who later sued her mother for allowing her to be photographed bare bodied as a child. Shields went on to appear on the cover of Playboy, fresh-faced at the age of 21 in the December 1986 issue.

Now, Shields is at the height of her career, looking good as ever. The Princeton graduate has two daughters, 14-year-old Rowan and 11-year-old Grier. And, she isn’t pushing them into modeling so soon.

Meanwhile, Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford’s teenage children have already embarked on modeling careers, but Shields wants her daughters to put education first.

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