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Brittany Farrar loves wearing bikinis and going out with her friends. She is raising temperatures on The Bachelor with her looks and style. Take a look at five pictures of Brittany from The Bachelor.

By now everybody knows that The Bachelor season 21 contestants are all smart, beautiful, and determined. They will do whatever it takes to win the heart of Nick Viall. One contestant who will do whatever it takes is Brittany Farrar. Brittany from The Bachelor is attractive and can make any man’s heart skip a beat just by looking at her! Viall not only gets to sit and talk with her, he gets to go out on dates with her, as well. As they say, some guys have all the luck! Don’t believe us? Just check out Brittany from The Bachelor Instagram account.

Caring for Others

Brittany Farrar is 26 years old and from St. Louis, Missouri. She is a travel nurse living in Santa Monica, California. There are several nurses on this season’s show, but Farrar is different. Farrar is a revelling nurse. She is hired by a hospital to work at a certain location for a specific period of time, before going on to another hospital. Traveling nurses typically work for 13 weeks in one location and then move to their next assignment.

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A Romantic Evening

Underneath her tough exterior, Brittany Farrar is a kind hearted person. She says that in the next five years she wants to be happily married with a child and have a successful career in a hospital. Anybody who wants to go out with Farrar must keep one thing in mind, and not be rude to servers. Farrar hates that! Her idea of a romantic evening is to impress the man by cooking a fantastic dinner because she believes, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Fun with Friends

Farrar admires Beyoncé because she is not just a sexy, independent, and strong woman, but a great artist as well. Another thing that Farrar loves to do is hang out with her friends. Brittany Farrar’s photos on Instagram are of her partying, having fun and spending time with her friends. It is obvious that she is a warm and happy person, who can light up any room with her presence.

Loving the Beach

Though we see a lot of fun pictures of Brittany Farrar (like her on a camel), most of her posts show her having a wild time with her friends. There are also a lot of Brittany Farrar bikini pics, where she relaxes on the beach while soaking up the sun. After all, she does live in California! What better way to enjoy some free time than going to the beach?

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The Whole Package

In the premiere of The Bachelor, Brittany Farrar wore a red off-shoulder gown that she looked amazing in. Something about her looks and charm worked, because she made it to the next round. Her kind, caring and nurturing qualities are sure to come out, and Nick Viall is bound to fall for her. Tune in Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST to see how far Farrar goes on The Bachelor.