If you’re a fan of The Bachelor and want to know everything you can about some of the lesser-known contestants, this article is for you! For this article, we are focusing on the adorable, Brittany Farrar and what she does outside of The Bachelor. What does Brittany Farrar do for a living? Find the answers you seek below.

With The Bachelor’s latest season now in full swing, fans are wanting to know more and more about all of the contestants. Take Brittany Farrar for example. However, she is not to be confused with the other Brittany Farrar, Jordan Rogers’ ex-girlfriend who was causing problems during Bachelorette, Jojo Fletcher’s season (that’s right, two different women with the exact same name). So far, we’ve seen her on the show portrayed as kind of the girl next store. Sure, she came out in that Adam & Eve costume with hair extensions covering her naughty bits, but she seemed kind of timid about it (unlike Corinne with her “cover my boobs with your hands” maneuver). So, we know about of Brittany’s personality, but what about her life outside of the show? What do we know about her at this stage? What does Brittany Farrar do for a living? She has to have a job right? These girls can’t get by on good looks alone, even the models on the show only seem to be modeling part-time! So, what is Brittany from The Bachelor’s job? We took a look through the internet and we were surprised to find out her occupation is a pretty good one! What is it you may ask? Let’s find out.

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Brittany is a Travel Nurse

On her official ABC profile, Brittany Farrar lists her occupation as a travel nurse. Essentially, what that means is that she doesn’t have a home base hospital. She’ll be moved around by her employer to which hospital needs her next. She might be covering a maternity leave for a year and then be moved three weeks in a row to three different hospitals. The average period of time a travel nurse is in one location at a time is thirteen weeks. It’s a bit of a nomadic job, but she seems to enjoy it.

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In terms of what Brittany Farrar’s salary or Birttany Farrar’s net worth is, unfortunately, we don’t have those stats, as every contract may be different and pay scales in this field vary. Brittany’s Linkedin page is currently down so we can’t even get a complete guess of whom she has worked with! That being said, some of these contracts come with built-in emergency pay or danger pay bonus. It’s quite likely that Brittany is doing quite well for herself.