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Travel nurse, Brittany Farrar has entered the world of The Bachelor to woo season 21’s, Nick Viall. Here is everything you should know about Brittany from The Bachelor.

The Bachelor is back with another smashing season, and this time Nick Viall will find the love of his life (hopefully!) Instead of wooing the girl and competing with other guys, Viall has 30 women competing to win his heart.

Brittany Farrar is one of the women cast on The Bachelor season 21, and though it is too early in the season to really know the girl, she definitely seems like a worthy competitor. We can just hope that Brittany Farrar 2.0 can warm over Bachelor nation. But before that, let us get to know Brittany on The Bachelor with Brittany Farrar’s wiki.

Farrar’s Home Town and Work

The beautiful Brittany Farrar is 26 years old and from St. Louis Missouri. Currently she is living in Santa Monica, California where she works as a traveling nurse. Luckily for her, Nick Viall is in the same area, so if she wins, they do not need to worry about being long distance!

There are a lot of nurses on this season of The Bachelor, but only one traveling nurse. Just like it sounds, travel nurses are hired by a hospital to work in a specific location for a certain amount of time. They typically work for 13 weeks in one area and move around the country whenever required.

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Brittany Farrar’s Personal Details

The five things that Farrar cannot live without are her tennis shoes, the sun, music, her mother, and chocolate. When asked about where she sees herself in five years, Farrar said happily married with a kid and a successful career in a hospital.

One of her favorite pastimes is going camping  —as long as the weather is right! Brittany Farrar’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her camping, partying, and hanging out with her friends.

If Viall wants to be with her, then one thing he has to keep in mind is to not to be rude to servers! It is a huge turn-off for Farrar. Her idea of impressing a man is to cook dinner for him because she believes that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

The person she admires the most in the world is Beyoncé. According to her, Beyoncé is a sexy, independent, and strong woman, who is not just a great singer, but also a very talented dancer. Farrar loves team sports because she loves competition, and she believes it makes the game more interesting.

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Her Rendezvous with Nick Viall

Brittany Farrar made quite an impression on Nick Viall (and viewers) when they first met. She wore an off-shoulder, beautiful red dress and looked gorgeous. After exchanging hellos and smiles, Farrar tried to give Viall a rectal examination. Fortunately, they cut before viewers could see if she went ahead with it.

Despite the forwardness, Viall decided not to eliminate her. Apart from The Bachelor, Farrar has also become a discussion topic on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Kimmel talked about how all the nurses are on this season of The Bachelor, and even described a travel nurse as a nurse who “takes vacations with older guys.” Farrar took no offence, as she posted the clip on her Instagram page.

The season 21 premiere of The Bachelor was quite exciting, and many tears were shed when eight of the contestants were sent home. We cannot wait for the next episode! We wonder what challenges and games the ladies have to undergo to get closer to the handsome Nick Viall?

To find out what happens in the next episode of The Bachelor season 21, tune in Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC.