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The Bachelor contestants have been announced and people want to know who Brittane Johnson on The Bachelor 2018 is. If you’re curious about the beautiful contestant, keep reading our Brittane Johnson wiki.

Brittane Johnson’s ABC profile lists her as a 27-year-old San Diego, California resident. Brittane Johnson’s job is a marketing manager. She’s one of the tiniest contestants, standing at only 5’3”, and has two tattoos: A small one on her wrist, and one on her finger, but she didn’t say exactly what they are. You may have to lurk Brittane Johnson’s Instagram (@the.britt.johnson) to see pictures, but they’re hard to find! In five years, she would like to see herself, “married, open up my own wine and tapas bar, and working towards having a child.” Chocolate milkshakes are her guilty pleasure, and she considers herself to be a sucker for even the smallest romantic gestures. However, she likes to be treated well on dates, citing her worst date memory with the following statement: “We went to a cheap restaurant, he ordered for me and then wanted to split the check. Then he asked if I wanted to come over. Um…no!”

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Based on Brittane Johnson’s pics on her social media accounts, she’s been living it up in California. She stays in shape, spends a lot of time at the beach, keeps up with her social life, and often gets her friends to take pictures of her posing in different outfits. She often changes her hair and makeup to incorporate different styles, and even sported purple hair for a music festival!

You're Stephanie and I'm Paulette?

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Brittane Johnson’s family is very important to her –she often shares pictures of her celebrating her relatives’ birthdays, and spending quality time together. Her mother looks very young, and according to comments, she turned 50 earlier this year, but could pass for her sister. Her real sister, Alexis, has an inspiring story. On her Instagram (@alexiiisj_17) she shared a photograph of the story of why she is in a wheelchair.

& Still Celebrating. Happy Birthday Mom?

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“Today is special to me.. it’s an anniversary and rebirth all in one… Today makes 17 years since I was in a car accident that resulted in me being paralyzed. These years have been life changing but it’s not a bad change it’s more of a life altering and the evolution of me becoming the woman I am today. Of course I look confident and happy to you but I face adversity everyday and have learned to tackle every obstacle with a smile on my face. So when you see my smile know that means I’m fighting everyday, for myself and to show everyone that they too can do anything. #seventeenyears#disableddoesntmeanunable #blessed”

Alexis and Brittane are tight-knit and Alexis will be cheering her big sister on as she goes up against the other contestants for Arie Luyendyk’s proposal! The bachelor is looking for true love, as his story explains, “Six years ago, Arie Luyendyk Jr. was in love and a day away from proposing to the woman of his dreams. And then, she broke his heart. Emily Maynard (now Emily Maynard Johnson) may not have been Arie’s future wife, but he hasn’t been able to find a love like hers since. Now Arie, 36, is back and ready to race into America’s heart yet again when he returns for a second shot at love…”

Tune in on Monday, January 1 at 8:00 p.m. EST to watch The Bachelor on ABC.