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Are you in the mood for some good news? Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, Maddie has finally been released from the hospital, after being in a critical but stable condition, following her recent ATV accident.

Britney Spears’ Niece, Maddie Aldridge

The 8-year-old was released from the hospital and used a helicopter to get home after being discharged. She is still receiving oxygen and is being monitored closely. A representative for the family also stated that there appears to be no neurological damage from the accident.

Maddie’s stepfather Jamie Watson, revealed the news on his Instagram account.

“Thanks to the amazing first responders, and medical teams at University and Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, LA, we are headed home with our baby girl as she continues to recover,” the couple wrote. “Above all else we are so thankful for each and every prayer, because we know that is what truly made the difference. Thank you again to everyone. We are truly blessed.”

Britney Spears Instagram

Britney too, took to Instagram to thank her fans for their prayers and well wishes, after asking them to think of her family. It was a close call for Spears’ niece, and it’s nice to breathe a sigh of relief that little Maddie is recovering nicely.

Britney Spears shared her appreciation to all her fans by posting this message to her Instagram account: “Grateful that Maddie was able to go home today… it’s truly a miracle. Our prayers were heard, and they were answered!” Britney wrote. “Thank you so much for all of your love and support this week. My family appreciates it more than you will ever know.”

Instagram/ Britney Spears

We are just happy to hear that Maddie is doing great, and thankful Britney has kept us updated!