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For almost two years, Eugene residents have turned to Brisa Mendez on KVAL-TV for the latest weather updates. Now, this young meteorologist is moving to the next step of her career. Brisa Mendez announced she is leaving KVAL-TV in Oregon in October 2022. Her viewers want to know where the weather anchor is going next and if her new job will also take her away from Oregon. They especially want to know if she will continue in broadcasting. Find out what Brisa Mendez said about leaving KVAL-TV here.

Brisa Mendez to Exit KVAL-TV

Brisa Mendez has a double bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish studies from the University of Michigan. She also worked at campus media outlets and studied in Spain, France, and Italy.

Soon after college, the Seattle native got her first job at her hometown station, KOMO News, and later at Univision Seattle’s KUNS-TV. From there, she moved to Eugene, Oregon, in January 2021.

Mendez has been part of the KVAL-TV news team since then. Her weathercasts were also on Eugene, Oregon, and the local Fox affiliate.

In the short time she has been in Eugene, the local community has seen the weather anchor grow. She especially credits her mentors and colleagues at KVAL-TV for furthering her career.

However, Mendez is now ready to move to the next step of her career journey. She announced her departure from KVAL-TV on October 10.

Sadly for her local followers, Mendez also said she is bidding Eugene farewell. Her last day on the air is on October 21.

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As for where she is heading next, Brisa Mendez has not revealed the details yet. It’s premature to say she is leaving broadcast, too. We’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled on her social media for the next update.