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About Chryssa Zizos
SpouseBriana Scurry June 2, 2018
ChildrenSydney Zizos, Andrew Zizos
SiblingsGregory Zizos, Nicole Zizos
ParentsPoppy Zizos (Mother), Andreas T. Zizos (Father)
AlumniEastern Kentucky University, American University
Works ForLive Wire Strategic Communications LLC.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Briana Scurry’s soccer career ended in 2010 when she suffered severe head trauma. The retired goaltender fell into a deep depression and racked up so much debt that she had to sell her gold medals to pay them off. Briana Scurry’s wife, Chryssa Zizos, gave her strong support and helped her get her Olympic medals back. We reveal more details about this strong woman in this Chryssa Zizos wiki.

Chryssa Zizos’ Family

Chryssa Zizos lives in Alexandria, VA. She was born to Poulos “Poppy” Zizos and Andreas T. Zizos.

Her father, Andreas Zizos, passed away in 1993. He was a management consultant for Management Research Associates in Cleveland, Ohio.

She has one sister named Nicole Zizos and a brother, Gregory Zizos.


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Chryssa Zizos’ Education and Career

Chryssa Zizos’ childhood dream was to become the CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee. In 1994, She graduated with a BA in Journalism from Eastern Kentucky University. After that, she attended American University and earned an MA in Public Communication in 1995.

In 1994, Zizos started her career as an account executive at Ketchum Public Relations. A year later, she joined Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide as a senior account executive.

Then Zizos started her own public relations and communications company in 1998 at two locations. She is the founder and CEO of Live Wire Strategic Communications in Washington, D.C., and the founder, president, and CEO of Live Wire Strategic Communications, LLC in Arlington, VA.

Her company is associated with Briana Scurry’s documentary, The Only, released on Paramount+ on July 12, 2022. Chryssa Zizos and Brianna Scurry are also part of the Washington Spirit Family investors group that helps promote women’s soccer in the United States.

Chryssa Zizos and Briana Scurry’s Relationship and Kids

In 2010, Briana Scurry had an accident while playing in the Women’s Professional Soccer league. This accident left her with a traumatic brain injury.

Chryssa Zizos and Briana Scurry met in 2012 when Briana was fighting a legal battle with her insurance company. Zizos’ company helped Scurry get her story in the media and turned the tide against the insurance company.

After dating each other for several years, the couple married on June 2, 2018. Zizos has a daughter and a son from her previous marriage.

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Her daughter’s name is Sydney Zizos (born on February 17, 2003), and her son’s name is Andrew Zizos (born on November 13, 2006).