Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus gave birth to a baby girl! Fans of the show will remember have been eagerly awaiting the big reveal, and DeJesus finally shared pictures of her newborn daughter, Stella, on Twitter. Fans of the reality star cannot get over how cute baby Stella is! Learn more about her in Briana DeJesus’ wiki right here. 

Briana DeJesus’ Wiki

Briana was born on May 21, 1994 and raised in Orlando, Florida. She has a sister named Brittany DeJesus, who is also a Teen Mom star. Briana found herself in a tough spot when she was 16 years old and pregnant with her boyfriend, Devoin Austin’s baby. She then appeared on MTV’s hit reality TV show, Teen Mom OG, along with Mackenzie McKee, Alex Sekella, and Katie Yeager. The show was a nod at the original Teen Mom cast, and followed the girls after their pregnancies.

She Applied to the Show as a Joke

Briana didn’t expect to have a baby so early in her life. She had different dreams and aspirations for herself, which all changed when she found out she was pregnant at 16. She applied to be on the hit TV show 16 & Pregnant and, to her surprise, got a call back. DeJesus participated in the show along with her mother, Roxanne, and sister, Brittany who shocked everyone with her pregnancy announcement around the same time as Briana did, sparking all the necessary drama to keep viewers coming back for more. The DeJesus family became both controversial and crucial to the show, and Briana will now be back, shortly after giving birth to her second daughter.

Dealing with a Tough Decision

Brittany and Briana were pregnant at the same time, but the sisters took different paths. While Brittany decided to terminate her pregnancy, Briana decided to give birth to her first daughter, Nova. In 2013, a year after Brittany’s unborn child was aborted, the emotional turmoil still haunted her enough that she was terrified to go to the gynecologist. She opened up to her mother and sister, explaining that she was afraid to relive that day, and didn’t want anyone to touch her. In an interview, Brittany admitted that she envies her sister a little when she sees her and Nova together.

Briana and Devoin Austin II

Briana and Austin started dating when they were 16, when she was a student at Southwest Middle School in Orlando. Soon after, Briana discovered that she was pregnant with Austin’s child. Austin and Briana chose to share their journey on Teen Mom, earning them fans who got to see their journey unfold. It wasn’t easy as the DeJesus family struggled throughout the season, including the heartwrenching turmoil when Austin decided to break up with Briana, who decided to raise baby Nova all by herself. Years since fans have seen Briana or Nova in the spotlight, and about a month after announcing that she’s joining the Teen Mom 2 cast, Briana DeJesus welcomed her second daughter, Stella, in July. This time, her baby daddy is a 31 year old named Luis. As to whether or not the couple are currently still together, Briana claims it’s “up in the air,” but that fans will still see him on the show.

Dead Beat Daddy Drama

When it was time for Briana to give birth to Nova, Austin showed no interest in welcoming his child into the world. He went out to play basketball with his friends after she was born, which led to his name not being listed as Nova’s father. Upon discovering this, Austin lashed out and made brief appearances in and out of Briana and Nova’s lives. According to Briana, he is not a committed father or in full support of Briana when she needs him.

From Teen Mom to Plastic Mom?

It seems that Briana DeJesus is bringing even more drama to the latest Teen Mom season by “enhancing” herself. The now 24-year-old reportedly went under the knife and had a butt lift, boob job, and some reconstruction “down under!” TMZ, who obtained the before and after pics of Briana’s alleged plastic surgery claims the procedure was performed by Dr. Micheal Salzhauer aka “Dr. Miami.” The doctor says that these surgeries are normal for women want to feel comfortable with their bodies again.

Briana DeJesus’ Instagram

Briana DeJesus’ Instagram account has a lot of posts about her baby girl, Nova Star. She’s certainly not a little baby anymore, and Briana has done a great job documenting her daughter’s life through her many photos. Though we have only seen pictures of her newborn daughter, Stella, on Twitter, we are sure that both of Briana’s girls will be regular stars on their mom’s Instagram page!

Teen Mom 2

Now, Briana DeJesus is pregnant again with her second child, another baby girl maned Stella. Who is the father of Briana’s new baby? His name is reportedly Luis and he is 31 years old. In a recent interview discussing her boyfriend Luis, Briana mentions moving in with him, and explains that she’d like to get married someday. She wants the two of them to work for the sake of their baby, but at this time, it seems their relationship is on the rocks.  She has explained that though fans will see him on the season of Teen Mom 2, it is not clear how their relationship will play out, explaining that this season of the show is very intense.

It was revealed that she is having a girl, yet again, and she gushed about the sex of the baby saying, “I really wanted a boy, but there’s not much I can do. I’m just excited now because it’s going to be a bunch of females under one roof,”

“It’s all of us — me, my mother, my sister, Nova, and now Stella,” she added, and we couldn’t help but notice Luis’ name missing from the mix.

Briana DeJesus’ Net Worth

Briana DeJesus’ salary is estimated to be $20k for the Teen Mom 2 series. However, the actual amount of her net worth has not been calculated or confirmed, but after her latest stint on the new season of Teen Mom 2, she could very well see an increase in her wealth. (At least she better hope so, because those surgeries aren’t going to pay for themselves!)