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Brian Justin Crum amazed everybody with his spectacular live performance on Tuesday evening. Sources report that America’s Got Talent judges were enamored with his voice last night. After reading so many praises about him, we are sure you would want to know more about Brian Justin Crum. Worry not, because we have gathered all the information for Brain Justin Crum’s wiki.

Brian Justin Crum has certainly won hearts across America. He performed live on Tuesday and did not disappoint the viewers and the judges. He sang the haunting version of Phil Collins’, “In the Air Tonight”. Judges were so impressed by his performance that they all gave him a standing ovation.

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Brian Justin Crum Wiki

Brian Justin Crum’s Age & Other Details

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For those of you who are wondering about Brian Justin Crum’s birthday, then you should know that the heart-throb is 28-years-old. Brian was born in San Diego, California. He attended the School of Creative and Performing Arts to further hone his singing and artistic skills and to get noticed for his talents. Attending this school gave him the chance to further improve his singing abilities and now that he is a participant on AGT, we can see that this decision has served him well over the years.

Brian’s Professional Career

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At the age of seventeen, Brian decided to leave San Diego to join the cast of WICKED. Shortly after that, he shifted to New York City and joined the cast of Altar Boyz and Grease on Broadway. Brian played the role of Doody on his first National Tour. Since his childhood, Brian was a fan of  Broadway shows and always dreamed about being on that kind of stage. His dreams certainly came true, when he eventually became the standby for Gabe and Henry. Apart from this, Brian has participated in several productions such as Jesus Christ Superstar and Snapshots, Tarzan. While practicing for Jesus Christ Superstar and Snapshots, he met his mentor, Stephen Schwartz.

Brian even went on a tour with The Addams Family as Lucas Beineke. Recently, he played Galileo Figaro in Queen’s rock theatrical, We Will Rock You. He got the opportunity to sing with the original members of the band, Roger Taylor and Brian May. His performance was amazing during the tour and due to this he won an Award for Best Actor in a Musical. Brian has received appreciation from many well-known celebrities. Currently, he is living in Los Angeles and pursuing his dream of being a Pop music singer.

Brian Was Bullied

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If you have been following Brian Austin Crum in America’s Got Talent, then you must be aware that he is gay. In one of his interviews he opened up and told the media that he was often bullied for being gay. He also claims that his mother has always supported him and was always there to comfort him whenever he was harassed. However, everybody knows bad times don’t last for long, he found his own set of friends and was comfortable around them. His friends are also his fellow artists, who are proud of his achievements.

Motivating the LGBT Community

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It’s no secret that it is tough it is to finally come out of the closet and being bullied by others for it is unacceptable. However, Brian has set an awesome example and is inspiring LGBT youth all over the world to chase their dreams without any hesitation. This is truly motivating for anybody who is going through a tough time and facing difficulties in life.

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