Dawnielle Baucham is the beautiful wife of NFL player Brett Hundley, and an accomplished person in her own right. She was a track and field star in college, and is now a talented singer-songwriter who has already released an album. While her husband sets the football stadium on fire, Baucham is building a satisfying career in music.

Dawnielle Baucham, NFL player Brett Hundley’s wife, is a woman with several talents. She was a track and field star in college, and is currently pursuing a career in music. Baucham and Hundley first started dating in 2012 and got married in 2016. We have some details from Dawnielle Baucham’s wiki, right here.

Track & Field Star

Born on November 19, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, Dawnielle Baucham’s age is 23. Right from childhood, she showed signs of being different from other kids. Growing up, her family used to call her a “flower child” because of her “sweet soul and free spirit.” She was a dreamer who was usually lost in her own world. Baucham studied at Junipero Serra High School, where she competed in track and field events. She continued with the sport at the University of California, Los Angeles. Despite her interest and participation in track, Baucham did not neglect her academics. She majored in philosophy and minored in music.

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A Passion for Music

In the last few years, there has been plenty of action in her professional and personal lives. Baucham and Hundley got married on July 8, 2016, in Santa Barbara, California, and has been in wedded bliss ever since. She was always a dreamer and wanted to be a singer-songwriter whose music connected with people. Well, she accomplished her dream and has already recorded and released several songs like the much appreciated single, “YouPhoria High.” As an artist, Baucham goes by Dionne Anylah, and has yet to be signed by a label.

The Future Looks Promising

Baucham’s goal is to be a singer, songwriter, performer, humanitarian, and philanthropist, and she is working hard to achieve them all. She made her official debut in the music scene in 2017 and has performed at different forums since then. Fans looking for her hot pics, or shots of her NFL star husband, can check out Dawnielle Baucham’s Instagram account. While Hundley continues to impress fans with his skills on the field, Baucham is hard at work at making a career for herself as a singer. With loads of smarts, tons of talent, and a healthy relationship, she can look to the future with great optimism!