Mornings are one of the few—sometimes the only—parts of the day where the entire family is all together in one place. This may be even truer for celebrities, who have busy schedules and are often away from home for weeks at a time, if not months. But they make the most of their mornings with their families when they can, even those who don’t need to travel as often, such as Giuliana Rancic.

On Wednesday, the TV personality posted a heartwarming photo to Instagram. The text simply reading “Mornings” followed by a heart emoticon, the picture shows  Rancic’s family enjoying a quiet morning together. In the back of the image, husband and Giuliana & Bill co-star Bill Rancic sits at the main table. While he has a magazine in front of him, his focus appears to be on the beautiful view outside—they couldn’t have asked for better weather! Meanwhile, at the forefront of the photo, the celebrity couple’s son, Edward Duke Rancic, enjoys a delicious (and nutritious) breakfast of what appears to be various fruits. Perfect for a growing boy!

Breakfast at Giuliana Rancic House



Fans had no problem enjoying this sneak peek into Giuliana Rancic’s life; after all, her reality show wouldn’t have made it to seven seasons if they didn’t. And if they ever bring it back, the over 33,000 likes means there’s still an audience! Everything about the pic saw appreciation, from the family to the view through the window to the decor inside.

Some of the standout comments included, “There are certain simple sights in life that just make your heart & soul sing,” “Sometimes we need to slow down and enjoy the moment at hand. Family is so precious,” and “That’s the best. Love my mornings at home w hubby and my son. Even if I am working a bit. enjoy [sic].” We couldn’t agree more with these sentiments!

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