As the New Year commences, it is important for all individuals, especially businessmen, to try and make 2016 even more productive than 2015. Richard Branson, the billionaire who founded Virgin Group (and now has an estimated net worth of almost $5 billion), is showing everyone how to do it, and it turns out that it’s actually pretty simple—just start every day with three simple things to make the mornings happier and the days more fruitful!

Branson shared essential tips for entrepreneurs across the world when he tweeted a photo of him standing on a gorgeous beachfront balcony, along with a link to an article posted on New Year’s Day on his company’s web site. The article is aptly titled, Three things every entrepreneur should do at the start of each day.

According to the feature, the first thing to do every morning before heading out to work is “rise early.” The article mentions that Richard Branson, the CEO himself, firmly believes in the old saying that the early bird catches the worm; however, it takes work to maintain the habit. “Over my 50 years in business I have learned that if I rise early I can achieve so much more in a day, and therefore in life,” says Branson.

The next crucial tip for mornings is, “Avoid your Phone for as long as possible.” Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief for The Huffington Post, speaks about how she’s turned into a “sleep evangelist,” adding that she’s always encouraging people to disconnect, even if it means gifting them a traditional alarm clock so that “they could stop using the excuse that they needed their tempting iPhone by their bed to wake them up in the morning.”

Arianna Huffington The Sleep Revolution

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Finally, the third most important tip is to drink a glass of lemon water every morning, as it helps to revitalize both physical and mental energy levels prior to tackling your tedious work schedule. Author Travis Bradberry, a frequent contributor to Forbes magazine, explains, “Lemon water gives you steady, natural energy that lasts the length of the day by improving nutrient absorption in your stomach.” He adds that in order to get the full value of it, you should drink it as soon as you wake up and before eating anything, because it’ll absorb better.

Photo: Instagram/richardbranson

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