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Brandon Walker has spent almost a decade of his remarkable journalism career in Houston, Texas. But recently, the veteran reporter announced he wants to focus on himself. Yes, Brandon Walker is leaving KPRC2 Houston. The city’s residents connected with this journalist through his stories, including his personal life, when he shared the news of his horrific 2020 accident. So naturally, KPRC2 Houston viewers want to know where he is going and if he will return to broadcasting soon. Find out what Brandon Walker said about his departure from KPRC2 Houston here.

Brandon Walker’s Education and Career

New Orleans native Brandon Walker was encouraged to pursue a career in broadcasting by his eighth-grade teacher. So he followed her advice and went to Carleton College, graduating with a BA in History in 2009. A year later, he received an MS in Journalism from Columbia University in 2010.

During that time, Walker already had industry experience to boast about. He produced, reported, and anchored newscasts for Two Cent Productions in New Orleans from 2004 to 2006. Moreover, he also worked behind the camera at WGNO-TV for three years.

As his teacher also encouraged him to write, it’s no surprise that Walker also spent a year and a half as a writer and interviews manager for The Lens Magazine in Northfield, Minnesota. From 2005 to 2009, he was a news director and anchor on KRLX 88.1 FM in Northfield while writing for Carleton College’s website.

He also spent a year interning at CBS News in New York, mainly working in the production side of things of the Republican National Convention coverage in 2008. He was later a broadcast associate.

After working in New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut from 2010 to 2014, Walker arrived in Houston, Texas. He’s been part of the team at KPRC2 since January 2015, during which he earned several awards, including an Emmy.

Brandon Walker to Leave KPRC2 Houston

From covering major news stories like the 2018 Santa Fe shooting to becoming the subject of news himself, Walker has done it all. In 2022, he was at the heart of a viral doppelganger conspiracy theory, and in 2020, he survived getting hit by a truck and overcame severe injuries.

But now, Brandon Walker is ready to focus on himself and will take a well-deserved break. He recently announced he would soon step back from the news desk.

In a social media statement, the journalist said his last day on the air would be March 1. Also, Brandon Walker said leaving KPRC2 Houston was his own decision.

Moreover, Walker doesn’t have a new job lined up and is in no hurry to jump into the job pool immediately. Instead, he’s decided to spend some time away from broadcasting.

“I look forward to a period of reflection, rest, and rejuvenation,” he wrote on Facebook.

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Walker didn’t say when he plans to return to broadcasting or if he will anytime soon. But for now, he’s grateful for all the experiences and support and hoping to make some great memories before signing off from KPRC2 Houston.