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Bradley Cooper loves sports. When he isn’t on our screens for his latest movie, he’s usually at a game. But, is Bradley Cooper an Eagles fan? Indeed, he is! Born and raised in good old Philly himself, the hunky star has been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles for years. Bradley Cooper’s Super Bowl 2018 voice over for the team’s hype video is also proof of his undying Eagles love. Find out more about the actor’s relationship with the team below!

Does Bradley Cooper Own the Eagles?

Given the fact that he’s at nearly every Eagles game, and his deep involvement in the team’s marketing, one can’t help but wonder if he has a financial stake in the team! Recently, the actor was seen at the Super Bowl 2018 with Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie.

The two sat next to each other and exchanged excited and anxious remarks throughout the game. While this may be reason enough for us to think that Cooper owns a stake in the team, let’s hold our horses for a moment.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star is only an ardent Eagles fan! He does not hold a stake in the team, but is just a super fan who could not have been happier about their performance at the Super Bowl 2018.

Cooper lent his voice for the team’s “one game” Super Bowl hype video. While he may have been paid a good sum for it, there is no other financial alliance between Cooper and the Philly team.

His Eagles Love Started Young

Where is Bradley Cooper from? His decades-long Eagles love certainly points out his connection with Philadelphia, where he was born and spent a major part of his life.

Much like his character from the 2012 movie Silver Linings Playbook, Cooper caught the sports bug early on in life.

He was taken down the football road by his father during the Eagles’ 1980 season, leading them to the 1981 Super Bowl. The actor also admitted to pulling the TV into the kitchen once so that he didn’t miss the game because of dinner!

Having shared that bond with his father and the Eagles, Cooper grew up watching their games and is still a die-hard fan today.

Even when the Philadelphia Eagles were not in their best form, the actor stuck with them and openly showed his support. Cooper is also often seen donning an Eagles cap, regardless whether it’s game-time or not!

Apart from the Super Bowl hype video, the actor also lent his voice to a similar ESPN promo earlier this season.