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Most of the Hollywood couples are heading for splitsville for reasons unknown. It’s like there is no love left in their lives. However, there are many Hollywood actors who are not only handling their work pretty well but also their relationships. One such fine actor is Bradley Cooper. He has worked in several movies such as Silver Linings Playbook, Joy, Limitless, and The Hangover. Also, in 2011, he was named the “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine. Now, if somebody’s career is thriving plus they are good looking, you think they will be single for long? Unlikely! Bradley Cooper has been known to date several Hollywood stars. Needless to say, he ain’t scared of the paparazzi spotting him with the lady love of his life. So, who is Bradley Cooper dating now? Find out about the Bradley Cooper dating timeline below!

Jennifer Esposito

An American author, actress, and baker who was once upon a time married to Bradley Cooper, Esposito has worked in several movies such as Crash and Welcome to Collinwood, and on famous television series like Samantha Who? and Spin City. The pair dated for two years before deciding to take things further and got married in December of 2006. However, the union didn’t last long, and Esposito filed for divorce in May of 2007. It’s not really clear why the pair got divorced, but both of them handled it pretty well and moved on with their lives amicably.

Cameron Diaz

Usually after a person breaks up with somebody, they either immerse themselves in work or they date other people. Paparazzi spotted Bradley Cooper and Cameron Diaz several times sharing quality time around NYC, but the Hangoverstar dismissed it to be rumors by stating that she was just his good friend.

Isabella Brewster

This was another not-so-serious relationship for Bradley Cooper. Isabella Brewster, who is the younger sister of Fast and Furious star Jordana Brewster, was supposedly his girlfriend for a short while. It clearly didn’t last as she is currently married to Baron Davis.

Denise Richards

In the year 2009, there were several hot rumors floating around that Denise Richards was dating Bradley Cooper. However, the whole idea was shut down by Denise Richards herself. Whether it was reality or truly just a rumor, Richards certainly did not take being gossiped about very well. We don’t really blame her!

Renée Zellweger

They say that good things come to those who wait. Well, it certainly worked that way for Bradley Cooper since, after his divorce from Esposito, he found love again in the arms of Oscar-winning actress Renée Zellweger. The pair started dating in 2009, but, his girlfriend of two years had taken a backseat in his life as his career had become his priority. Many sources claim that there was a third person involved in their relationship, but this rumor was later dismissed.

Olivia Wilde

Here’s the thing about breaking up: When somebody ends their relationship and are seen spotted with somebody else, they immediately assume the status of their relationship. Shortly after his fallout with Zellweger, Cooper was seen hanging out with Olivia Wilde. While some say they were just hooking up or secretly dating, we leave it to you to make your own conclusions.

Zoe Saldana

As Nelly Furtado rightly said in one of her songs, “Why do all good things come to an end?” Cooper once again found love in his life in his costar Zoe Saldana. The duo apparently spent a lot of time on the set of The Words, in which they costarred. Initially, he denied the fact that Zoe Saldana was his girlfriend, but paparazzi had enough pictures of them together to suggest otherwise. However, like others, this relationship also soon came to an end.

Suki Waterhouse

The 22-year-old model started dating Bradley Cooper in 2013. They were introduced to each other at the Elle Style Awards,and during the after-party, Cooper asked her out. They were spotted at several events after but would eventually end things. This undoubtedly left Suki Waterhouse heartbroken.

Irina Shayk

The newest lady love in Bradley Cooper’s life is none other than Russian supermodel and actress Irina Shayk. Before dating Cooper, Shayk was in a relationship with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. She began dating Cooper following her split from Ronaldo in 2015. Many sources claimed that Shayk didn’t get along well with Cooper’s mother, to whom the actor is very close. There were rumors of them breaking up too, but it seems like the couple is still going strong.