Eight years after The Bourne Ultimatum—the third installment in the spy franchise and the last to star Matt Damon—hit the screens worldwide and grossed millions of dollars, Damon and director Paul Greengrass are teaming up again for yet another sequel, laying the framework for another thrilling ride. Of course, there was the 2012 film The Bourne Legacy, which had Jeremy Renner in the lead playing Aaron Cross (kind of like a Bourne replacement), but the movie was an average grosser.

Nearly a year after announcing the fifth installment with Matt Damon, shooting has begun, and producer Frank Marshall has released the first picture via Twitter of Damon in character as Jason Bourne.

The image shows Damon shirtless wrapping bandages around his hands. It almost looks as if he’s street-fighting. The last glimpse we had of Bourne in Ultimatum was with a gunshot wound and a fall into New York’s East River.


As far as the other credits go, Vincent Cassel (of Black Swan fame) will take on the role of the main villain and Tommy Lee Jones will be playing the part of a CIA officer. The female lead will be played by Alicia Vikander. The plot of the new film revolves around the Edward Snowden leak, which gives you a window into the narrative.

After The Bourne Ultimatum, Greengrass and Damon joined forces for the movie Green Zone, but it did not take off and was an absolute flop, as were many of Damon’s other releases, with a string of flops in its wake.

Greengrass however, had a good draw of his own with Captain Philips, but nowhere near the success of the Bourne movies.

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