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You’re favorite guilty pleasure is back and fans want to get all the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers. After the latest plot twist, fans want to know what happens next on The Bold and the Beautiful season 31 episode 18. The Bold and the Beautiful 11/10/17 airs today and if you stick with us, you can learn more!

What Is B&B Episode 18 About?

The synopsis for the next episode of The Bold and the Beautiful reads: “Mateo enjoys the perks of his position as Quinn’s personal masseuse; Katie covers about her passion with Wyatt when talking to Brooke about her relationships with Bill and Ridge.” The Bold and the Beautiful airs its new episode on Wednesday October 11 at 1:30 p.m. EST on CBS.

Sheila vs. Quinn

In case you need The Bold and the Beautiful recap: Sheila is still up to her old tricks and wants Quinn gone! As you can already tell, Mateo’s job title ha s changed a bit—okay, a lot—and he has Sheila to thank for that. He went from gardener to masseuse in record timing and even though he’s not tending to the weeds, Sheila is hoping that there will be some hoeing going on either way. Sheila is confident that Quinn will cheat with Mateo and she would sell her soul to make it happen—if she had one. But that’s not all: Mateo enjoys the perks of being the on-call masseuse at the Forrester household. Will Sheila finally be queen of the Forrester castle?

Katie’s Secrets

Any Katie fans out there? There’s reason to believe that she will be on the pregnancy shockers this season and that Wyatt will be the baby’s father! She hasn’t been with anyone else in a while, but she will be keeping her passion with Wyatt a secret from Bill and Brooke. But it’s not as if Bill and Brooke’s relationship is doing so well at the moment. There’s more than a bit of temptation going on and they just aren’t what they used to be–and how can they be?—it’s been forever. This will become a problem later, since Quinn will eventually play matchmaker for Wyatt. Wonder how Katie will take that? The B&B spoilers just keep getting better and we can only imagine how many more twists and turns will take place. At some point, anyone with a secret gets caught and then everyone else gets affected, leading to several confrontations. Soap operas always have the same formula but you can’t help but watch—they’re guilty pleasures for a reason. No matter how outrageous, cliché, or incestuous they are, they have the power to keep fans tuning in and give the audience shocking twist after twist.


The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays at 1:30 p.m. EST, only on CBS so be sure to tune in to catch up on all the juicy drama, and more importantly, discover what drama the producers have in store for fans next!

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