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If you followed the ICC Pirates in Last Chance U season 3, you know what happened to Bobby Bruce. The young player’s chapter with the Pirates under Coach Jason Brown came to an abrupt end. But it’s not the end for Bobby Bruce’s football dreams. Now that Last Chance U season 4 is following the Pirates again, viewers are naturally curious about Bruce. What happened to Bruce, and where is he now? Our Bobby Bruce wiki has all the answers. 

About Bobby Bruce
Age26 Years
BirthDecember 1, 1997
Height6 feet 0 inches
AlumniTitusville High School
HometownTitusville, Florida
ShowsLast Chance U

Bobby Bruce Was Raised by His Grandmother

Bobby Bruce was born on December 1, 1997 and is a native of Titusville, Florida. He graduated from Titusville High School in 2017, where he was a football player.

Bobby is the youngest of five children and the first high school graduate in his family. He never met his father.

Instead, he was raised by his grandmother, Margaret, whom he greatly admires. He also has a very close relationship with his older brother who has been in the military for a decade.

Bruce Looked Up to a Cousin Who Played Football

Bruce witnessed and overcame many tragedies in his young life. He witnessed a shooting outside his home when he was seven and, a year later, lost his home in a fire. But one of the biggest tragedies to affect Bruce was losing a relative to a shooting.

Johntay Gowdie was Bruce’s older cousin and a very talented football player. Back then, a 13-year-old Bruce was playing basketball.

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One day, Gowdie left one of Bruce’s summer league basketball games and never returned. Hours later, the family found out that Gowdie had been accidentally shot dead by a friend.

“I wanted to really just end it, end myself, because that’s who I looked up to,” Bruce said about losing his cousin. “A lot of people said I was going to end up like him.”

A grieving Bruce’s mind was no longer on basketball and he was kicked off the team after Gowdie’s death. He’s since found his calling in football, and has been playing the sport since high school.

Today, he has his cousin’s initials tattooed on him along with his grandmother’s name.

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Bruce Was Kicked Off the Pirates Team after an Alleged Robbery

Bruce rose to become one of the top tacklers in youth football and soon found himself playing safety for the Independence Community College team, the Pirates. He featured on Last Chance U when the Netflix show covered the team in season 3.

He briefly features in season 4 when we get an update on his whereabouts. It’s revealed that he had to fight some legal challenges between seasons 3 and 4.

Bruce had been arrested in June 2018 for his suspected involvement in an armed robbery. According to reports, three suspects lured a man outside his home in Palm Bay with Snapchat, and then robbed him at gunpoint.

Following his arrest, Bruce was cut from the team, and he focused his energy on his legal battle. The charges against him were dropped due to a lack of evidence to convict him.

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He had made a brief return to Kansas, but his time at ICC didn’t last long. Bruce was suspected of stealing $250.00 from another student’s dorm room. He denied the allegations, claiming that he left the room with food and not money.

Though he was glad to avoid jail time, Bruce decided he wouldn’t be returning to ICC. “I’m going to another school, sir,” he said. “I just left (Independence).”

He instead planned to attend Eastern Florida State College, and hoped he’d have the opportunity to enroll at the University of Central Florida and play football there.

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Where Is Bruce Now?

Since leaving ICC, a lot of things have happened with Bruce. One of his happiest moments is becoming a dad in February 2019.

Bruce and his girlfriend welcomed a daughter a couple of days before Valentine’s Day. The couple also appeared briefly on Last Chance U season 4.

At the time of his filming for season 4, Bruce hadn’t landed another school where he would play football. But he is still hoping and working towards that opportunity.

In the meantime, he’s played football of the arena variety. He signed on to play for the Manatee Neptunes, the Florida-based A-League team, in spring 2019.

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