Robert “Bob” Massi, popularly known as “The Property Man,” is one of the most well-known legal faces in the United States. A high profile attorney, Bob Massi began practicing law in 1980. He provides legal counsel and representation in the areas of personal injury, real estate, business law, wills, trusts, and probate.

Born in Pittsburgh, Bob Massi became a television personality, author, radio host, and public speaker with his incisive insight and shrewd wit. The man has been featured on many local television networks since his early days of practice.

Bob Massi is a real estate expert, as well. The third season of his hit show, Bob Massi is the Property Man premiered on Friday, April 14, 2017 on the Fox Business Channel. The show has garnered a lot of popularity since its premiere in 2015.

In the show, Massi interviews people and solicits stories from all over the country. He believes that knowledge is power and he is committed to the public’s right to understand the law. At Bob Massi’s age, people would expect him to slow down. Instead, he continues to share legal knowledge that provides his “clients” with clarity and understanding of their situation.


The first episode of Bob Massi is the Property Man was shot on locations in and around Las Vegas. According to Massi, he chose Las Vegas for his debut episode because it was “ground zero for real estate prices of America.”

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Bob Massi’s Wiki

Bob Massi runs his own law firm, Robert Massi & Associates, in Nevada. He joined the Fox News Channel (FNC) in 1996 and has been a Fox News legal analyst since 1998. He has reported on high-profile cases such as Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, the Unabomber, OJ Simpson, Robert Blake, Warren Jeffs, and Casey Anthony. In 2007, Massi published the book, People Get Screwed All the Time: Protecting Yourself from Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft, Fine Print, and More. He holds more than three decades of courtroom experience and over 20 years as an on-camera legal analyst. His hit showBob Massi is the Property Man on the Fox Business Channel debuted on July 11, 2015, where he shares legal tips and thoughts called “Massi’s Memos.” He received over 1,000 emails from people with their own stories and real estate brokers wanting to be part of the show.

Bob Massi graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s College and St. Mary’s University School of Law. He has presented over 400 seminars across the United States, and began his television career at KLAS-TV (CBS) in Las Vegas in 1985.

Career in Television

A television personality, author, radio host and public speaker, Bob Massi is a breath of relief to many Americans who seek legal advises on matters beyond their comprehension. He also founded The Preventive Law Foundation, which aims to inform Las Vegas residents about the law.

He is one of the most valued legal sources on television. However, being a legal corespondent for Fox News, Massi sometimes does give into complicity. In 2014, Bob Massi validated an Alex Jones hyped conspiracy theory that was total bogus. And the fact that someone as notable as Bob Massi played along with Jones’ spurious news report is quite baffling. He had to assert during the report that the news might be void of facts!


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Because of his celebrity status, most people assume that he is an expensive attorney. But Massi refutes such hearsay. “…I’m affordable and easily accessible,” says the famed advocate. Though Bob Massi’s net worth is not public knowledge, we are sure it is substantial considering his prominence.

Massi is truly a people’s man. He helps the common people with legal expertise and makes their lives easier. The best thing about this legal man is that he hasn’t allowed all the television attention to take over his practice. Massi says that he puts his profession as an attorney before his highlighted TV career.

Although he is more than happy to help people through Bob Massi is the Property Man, he still maintains, “My law practice is my foundation, and though this is a wonderful opportunity, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. My clients and what I do are what’s important.”

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