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Blake Shelton started singing at a very early age, when he fell in love with country music. Today, he is a superstar of music, irrespective of genre. He has several successful albums and a huge number of hit singles to his credit. Along the way, he has been married and divorced twice. But now, he is involved with pop singer, Gwen Stefani.

Blake Shelton has been in the news regularly over the past few years for his chart-topping music and his rocky personal life. But lately, there has been a lot of activity on both accounts. Earlier this year, Shelton released his 10th album titled If I’m Honest, and he will start touring in early 2017. With conflicting rumors surfacing about his relationship with Gwen Stefani, there is no surprise that people are asking, “Who is Blake Shelton married to?” We will tell you all about that and more, including information on Blake Shelton’s net worth.

Music Bug Bites

Shelton was born on June 18, 1976, in Ada, Oklahoma to parents Dorothy and Richard Shelton. His mother was a beauty salon owner, while his father was a used car salesman. Shelton took to music at an early age, and by the time he was 12, he learned to play the guitar. He wrote his first song when he was only 15 years old! After graduating from high school, Shelton moved to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue a career as a singer. He started working for a music publishing company, while working on his own music at the same time.

A Dream Debut

Shelton got his start in 2001 when he wrote his first single, “I Wanna Talk About Me.” The song was covered by Toby Keith and went on to become a number one hit for the singer. Shelton’s debut single was the song “Austin,” which became a massive hit that spent five weeks at the number-one position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. He also released a self-titled debut album which yielded the hit singles “All Over Me” and “Ol’ Red.” Even though Shelton has had many hit songs since then, he still considers “Ol’ Red” his signature song.

A Plethora of Hit Singles

After this, there was no looking back for Shelton. He has released a string of albums over the years, all of which have been very successful, with many having reached the top spot on the Billboard charts. Some of these hit Blake Shelton songs include “The Baby,” “Some Beach,” ”Goodbye Time,” “Nobody but Me,” “Don’t Make Me,” and “The More I Drink.”

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Cracking The Billboard Charts

In 2007, Shelton released his fourth album, Pure BS to a large commercial success. His cover of Michael Bublé’s hit single “Home” became another number one hit. This was followed by hit singles such as “She Wouldn’t Be Gone,” “I’ll Just Hold On,” “Honey Bee,” “God Gave Me You,” and “Sure be Cool If You Did.” Shelton has 22 number one singles in all, 17 of which were consecutive number one singles on the Billboard charts! It is a testimony of Shelton’s talent and commercial power that up until now, nobody has been able to break this record.

Unlucky in Marriage

While Shelton has been setting the country charts on fire, his marriages seem to have gone down in flames. He has been married and divorced twice already. He first married his longtime girlfriend, Kaynette Gern, but the two got divorced in 2006. Shelton then met and married fellow country singer, Miranda Lambert in 2011 in Boerne, Texas. Miranda Lambert had lent her vocals on Shelton’s cover of “Home” and the two fell in love. However, this marriage was also short lived, as the couple announced their divorce in July 2015. Since then, the drama surrounding their breakup has sparked a media frenzy, and apparently even inspired Shelton’s latest hit “She’s Got a Way with Words.”

The New Woman

People are curious as to who Blake Shelton’s girlfriend is now. If you don’t already know, the lucky lady is none other than pop singer and fellow judge from The Voice, Gwen Stefani! The pair have been together for quite some time now, and are even planning to get married. The two met as Stefani joined Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Blake Shelton on The Voice as a judge, and they show no signs of slowing down. Maybe the third time’s a charm for Shelton! Speaking of Gwen Stefani, the reality singing competition is rearing up for the 12th season, which expects to see the return of Stefani as a judge. Thus far, Shelton’s teams have won the show for four of the past 10 completed seasons, and there’s no doubt that Shelton has also won Stefani’s heart.


Blake Shelton Performs On NBC's "Today"

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A Beautiful House

Blake Shelton’s net worth is a healthy $75.0 million. His wealth comes from the sales of his albums, singles, concerts, endorsement deals, and his work as a judge on The Voice. As a judge on the show, Shelton earns $4.0 million per season. No wonder he can afford his massive house just outside Nashville! Shelton’s $3.4 million Hawaiian style home sits on a 400-acre property, complete with a giant swimming pool with a tiki-style swim up bar, palm trees and grass-hut style guest houses! The lake view estate is said to be a wedding gift to Stefani, as he wanted to create a Hawaiian/Country paradise for his love and her kids! Adorable!

A Dream Life

Though Shelton’s house has a six-car garage, he does not own that many cars. He mostly travels in his shiny red pickup truck like the classic country boy he is, but also owns a Mercedes Benz that he is very possessive of. Blake Shelton’s endorsements include several big brands such as Pepsi. Shelton loves fishing and spends time doing exactly that on the lake next to his house. Talk about living the life of your dreams!

A Passion for Music

Shelton has won a slew of awards for his music, so far. He is also a seven-time Grammy Award nominee, and has won nine CMA Awards! Despite his overwhelming accomplishments, Shelton is still a very driven person. He has a passion for music that is evident in his songs and live performances. For a man who is giving so much back, it is difficult to hold a grudge against Shelton’s great success. His fans cannot wait for his new music and there is no doubt that Shelton will happily oblige them.

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