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It’s Valentine’s Day again. The time to throw your inhibitions to the wind and express your feelings to the one you love. Blake Lively, like a lot of other people, is celebrating the day before Valentine’s Day with her friends. Aside from her performances in films like The Shallows, Lively has been seen supporting women’s rights and taking a stand for equality.


Blake Lively Instagram


Lively took to Instagram to mark her pre-Valentine’s Day plans. Blake Lively’s Instagram photo shows to Polaroids with her sister, Robyn Lively. The post mentions Blake Lively’s Valentine’s Day preparations, and she captioned the photo saying, “Feb 13: Tonight’s the night. Grab your best gal. I love my man. But on this Valentine’s, I celebrate women. Time to party…#KissLikeAGirl.” Popularized by Parks and Recreation, Lively is choosing to celebrate “Galentine’s Day” —the day before Valentine’s Day, dedicated to spending time with your closest friends! This is meant to show solidarity among women, whether or not they have someone to share Valentine’s Day with.

Celebrating Women

Blake Lively valentines day

Photo: Kevork Djansezian / Stringer / Getty Images

These Blake Lively pics only reinforce the sweeping changes that are happening in the world. Women all over the world are becoming a force to reckon with. So on this Valentine’s Day, take a cue from Blake Lively. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with everyone you love, close friends included!