Who Is Mechie? 5 Facts to Know about Blac Chyna’s New Boyfriend

Blac Chyna New Boyfriend
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Mechie might be the new guy in Blac Chyna’s life after her split from Rob Kardashian. Kardashian certainly thinks so and posted a clip of Mechie and Blac Chyna making out! Mechie is just 24 years old but has already made a name for himself in music. He is playing it cool and having fun while Kardashian is seething with anger.

When it comes to creating drama, nobody can beat the Kardashians. Rob Kardashian proved this yet again when he accused Blac Chyna of sleeping with Mechie in the bed they shared. According to Kardashian, Mechie is Blac Chyna’s new boyfriend, and was physical with Blac Chyna in Kardashian’s house. All this has put the spotlight on Blac Chyna and Mechie —much to the discomfort of the latter. Now that the relationship between Blac Chyna and Kardashian is kaput (again), people are wondering who Blac Chyna is dating now. We have some details from Mechie’s wiki right here.

Who Is Mechie?

Born on June 12, 1993, in Washington D.C., Mechie’s age is 24. Mechie’s real name is Demetrius Harris, but is known by his stage names Mechie or Mechie SoCrazy. He was a member of the R&B group 4EY The Future who had a major hit with their song “Scoot Ova” in 2015. The song became started a viral dance emulated by their fans on social media. The original music video for their song went viral and inspired a dance craze on YouTube. Because of this hit, the band performed on the BET Experience, the Verizon Center, My Fox DC, and even a Washington Wizards basketball game. The band is still active, and their last hit, “No Time to Waste” featuring Wale was released in 2016.

Popular on Social Media

Mechie pursued a solo career while still performing with his band and was the opening act for artists like R&B singer Chrisette Michelle and rapper Meek Mill. Mechie first achieved fame on Vine where he would regularly post funny clips of himself doing things like dancing with his friends, singing along to fellow artists like Drake, and performing on stage with 4EY The Future. Even though Vine is no longer around, Mechie’s fans continue to follow his posts on social media. Mechie’s Instagram account has over 291k followers, and his Twitter has over 70k followers.

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Avoiding the Mess

According to reports, he has not taken kindly to Rob Kardashian posting a clip of Blac Chyna and Mechie in bed kissing each other. Mechie does not want to get involved in the simmering Kardashian-Blac Chyna feud and said, “I am not here for these games, they wild.” However, he has neither confirmed nor denied Kardashian’s accusations of hooking up with Blac Chyna.

Keeping Silent

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Mechie’s Instagram account is full of pictures of himself showing off his tattoos, with friends, his band, dancing, and having a good time. He is young, talented, and has a lot of fun in his life now. While Kardashian is relentlessly posting about Blac Chyna’s alleged infidelities, Mechie is keeping a cool head. Some have read meaning into his posting a clip singing “The Weekend” by SZA, especially because of his caption, “Can I satisfy you for the weekend?” along with laughing emojis. The song is about being a part-time lover of a woman who already has somebody else in her life. Could this be a taunt aimed at Rob Kardashian? Looks like Mechie isn’t going to kiss and tell!


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