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Yes, it’s true; Billy Joel’s wife, Alexis Roderick, is pregnant! The couple is expecting their second child soon. The announcement was made on Wednesday by a spokeswoman for Joel, who refused to reveal any further information on the topic.

Billy Joel is an American pianist and singer-songwriter. He has become the third best-selling solo artist and sixth best-selling recording artist in the United States, ever since he released his first hit song “Piano Man” in 1973.

Joel has been nominated for 23 Grammy Awards and has won six of them. Having sold over 150 million records worldwide, he is one of the bestselling artists in the world.

In 2015, he married his fourth wife, Alexis Roderick. On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for Joel confirmed that the couple is expecting their second child. Billy Joel’s wife is currently reportedly eight months pregnant!

We have some interesting information about her. So, keep reading our Alexis Roderick wiki to learn more.

Alexis Roderick’s Bio

Alexis Roderick’s age is 36. Roderick is an equestrian and former Morgan Stanley executive. She attended Stony Brook University, where she studied economics, political science, and Latin American studies.

On July 4, 2015, she got married to Billy Joel at his estate in Long Island with Andrew Cuomo, the Governor of New York, presiding over the ceremony. Other guests at the wedding included actor Kevin James, Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray, and his ex-wife and model Christie Brinkley.

Joel and Roderick had been together since 2009 and finally decided to tie the knot six years later.

Alexis Roderick’s Daughter

On August 12, 2015, Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick’s daughter, Della Rose Joel, was born. Joel recently discussed how Della Rose has changed his life for the better and that he wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

In April, he told Newsday, “I’ve got a new baby now and I’m trying to husband my time more for having a personal life. So I’m looking at less work. It feels like I’m entitled. I’ve been working my whole life. It’s time to slow down.”

Later in September, he told Harry Connick Jr. how he believes that Della Rose has a strong chance of a future in music since she can already carry a tune. Well, why should we be surprised?

Alexis Roderick’s Net Worth

Alexis Roderick’s net worth is estimated at $5.0 million. Meanwhile, her husband, Billy Joel, is worth approximately $180.0 million.

Alexis Roderick’s Instagram

Although she’s not on Instagram, you can still find quite a few of Alexis Roderick’s hot pics on the Internet. The lady is incredibly gorgeous!

Alexis Roderick

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While Della Rose seems to have taken after her father, we wonder what Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick’s second baby will be like. Let’s see if, like Della Rose, this little one inherits Joel’s musical genes!