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Transgender star Billie Lee from Vanderpump Rules is all about empowering trans people everywhere. She went through a tough transformation process and now she wants to help others. She’s a true inspiration and a role model.

If you’re unfamiliar with Billie Lee, she’s definitely leaving her mark on television and in many people’s hearts. This article will reveal details about Billie Lee’s inspiring journey from male to female and many other facts to know about her. So, who is Billie Lee? Where is she from?

Find out everything you need to know about the reality star with details from Billie Lee’s wiki!


Cocoon to Butterfly

According to Billie Lee’s website, she was born male. However, she always felt like a girl as a child and talks about her journey from male to female, and about all the challenges she faced in the process.

Lee was born and raised in West Terre Haute, Indiana and attended school there. All the while, she felt like a girl and behaved like one, but everyone around her told her the opposite. She was told to act more like a boy and do things that boys did, but for Lee that was just not natural.

Billie Lee then moved out of her hometown in search of acceptance. She found her way to Los Angeles and started attending beauty school, as she wanted to learn how to transform from male to female with grace.

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Multiple surgeries followed, which were performed in Thailand and United States after spending seven years in the styling industry. And, did you know that Adam Brody’s wife, Leighton Meester, helped fund Lee’s surgeries?

Billie Lee had to take a sabbatical from her career as she needed time to heal. So, in that one year, she took to motivating herself and read books at cafés, getting used to her new body. She then opened her own cafe called Sundara.

Lee always wanted to have her own talk show as a kid. And just after her graduation, she had applied at WTWO news station, but she was apparently rejected for being “too feminine.”


Then, Lee was on the cusp of living that dream. Many people who went to her cafe began suggesting that she have her own show.

Two years later, Lee closed her café, came out as transgender, and embraced her life.

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The New Billie Lee

Billie Lee, age 33, is now a proud member of the trans community, as well as an activist. She believes that many people are still afraid to come out and embrace their true self.


Lee shares their struggles, starting from being accepted in society to finding a job. She believes the world is a difficult place for the trans community and is doing what she can to change that.

“We don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else. And we end up on the streets, begging for work, and selling our bodies because we can’t get a job,” Lee said in an interview.

Fortunately for Lee, she had some very supportive friends who helped her through turmoil and suicidal phases.

After the surgery and the healing process, Billie Lee saw a change in the way people looked at her. She felt like doors opened up for her and that she could date freely. The world was finally hers to enjoy.

Where Is Billie Lee Today?

In addition to being a prominent member of the reality show, Vanderpump Rules, Lee is doing everything she can for her community.

Lee was given an opportunity by SUR’s owner, Lisa Vanderpump, to work at her establishment as a hostess. And since then, she has broken free.

The empowered woman is all set to appear on her own show, Morning Vibes with Billie. It is reportedly set to premiere in the spring.

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