Sure, it’d be nice if we all had as much money as Bill Gates, but the world would be a better place if we all strove to have his generosity instead. And with his latest charity initiative, Gates has made it clear that the world needs more people like him!

Posting about the efforts on Twitter, Gates was quick and to the point: “We’re working with partners to fight poverty in Islamic countries.” He then provided a link to an article on the web site for The Economist that goes into further detail. The article explains that wealthy nations do not donate anywhere near enough to supply the education and infrastructure needed to improve the quality of life in less fortunate countries. However, the Islamic Development Bank, formed by Bill Gates and the largest charity in the world, will lend upwards of $2.0 billion to poor Muslim countries with the goal of improving things for the poorest families.

Gates’ initiative was well-met by the Twitterverse, judging by the over 750 retweets and 1,500-plus likes. “Well it’s good to know at least one billionaire is getting shit done,” said one blunt follower, while another added thanks because “someone needs to be nice with all the hate in this world.” Someone from Japan even made an effort to write to Gates in English.


Interestingly, some hate appeared in the comments as well, but was followed with the sort of kindness that Gates is trying to spread. When one person tried to argue that Gates was helping “the most potential enemies of western world,” other tweeters quickly shut him down. One believes that “with education the dangerous religion fades, with less egotistical politicians the economy enemies fade.” One reply even noted that with attitudes like that, “no wonder they hate us.”

Bill Gates’ Islamic Development Bank spending $2.0 billion over five years may sound like a lot, but even $150 billion in aid in 2013 didn’t make a huge dent in the United Nations’ estimated yearly cost of achieving their poverty-fighting goals within the next 15 years. Hopefully however, the generosity that Bill Gates shows will spread to his fans and, eventually, the world, and that $150 billion will become a drop in the bucket compared to future donations.


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