Bill Gates has outdone the definition of “rich” by being the richest of them all. The Microsoft co-founder continues to be the world’s richest man with a $79 billion networth.

The computer programmer first became a gigantic business magnate, then turned into an altruistic philanthropist, and later went on to become an apt role model for humanity. That’s a most notable feat for any individual, really.

Bill Gates is known for founding the software company, Microsoft, which reigns across the globe with its user-friendly and affordable computer operating systems and range of software series like Windows. The company is currently the second most valuable brand in the world, right after Apple. Forbes regards Bill Gates as the richest person in America (2016), and he has secured the number one spot on its lists Forbes 400 (2015), Rich in Tech (2015), and Billionaire (2015). Bill Gates is also the sixth most powerful person in the world.

Microsoft, Technology, and Investments

Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington to William Gates, Sr., a prominent lawyer. His family was prosperous and had prestigious ancestral roots of German, English, and Scots-Irish.


During his school years, Bill had got bitten by the “computer” bug, so to say. He has been interested in early primitive software since he was seventeen. In the early 1970s, Bill teamed up with Paul Allen—who later became a co-founder of Microsoft—to develop Traf-O-Data, which was software that made traffic counters on an Intel 8008 processor. This was Gates’ first venture into the tech industry.

Gates enrolled in Harvard in 1973 and met Steve Ballmer, who later became the CEO of Microsoft. However, Gates dropped out of Harvard in a year, after learning the functionality of software algorithms and pursuing his passion to start a company that would build this algorithmic software to simplify daily problems. The first foundation of Microsoft was laid in 1975 when Gates and Allen developed the BASIC interpreter using a MITS Altair 8800 computer.

Microsoft’s BASIC became popular and got leaked into the market after being copied by computer hobbyists. In 1980, Gates interned at IBM where he developed operating systems like MS-DOS, which started helping Microsoft earn much more. In 1985, after years of research and developments, Bill Gates launched the first retail version of Windows. Microsoft and IBM joined up to mass produce simple computers and get them within the reach of common people. Since, then Microsoft has never dimmed under Gates’ leadership, and by 2006, a much satisfied Gates decided to step down as its CEO.

Microsoft is now worth over $300 billion and owns tons of tech giants under its banner like Visio Corp. (2000), Navision (2002), Skype (2011), Nokia (2013), and Mojang (2014). Bill Gates has also invested huge stakes in highly successful companies like Crown Castle International Corp., Exxon Mobil, FedEx Corp, FEMSA, Liberty Global, McDonalds Corp., Republic Services, Inc., Televisa, Wal-Mart, and Waste Management, Inc.


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

After 2006, the immensely successful and hugely wealthy Bill Gates decided to give back to the needy. Bill brought his wife Melinda Gates on board and they opened up a charitable Trust: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill has reportedly spent almost half of his current net worth—approximately $30 billion—towards the betterment of poor people from less-developed countries. Such noteworthy work is an example of the humane testament of the world’s cherished billionaire.

Bill Gates’ Home

Bill Gates and his family own two gigantic estates in the U.S. The family essentially resides in Medina, Washington in a $154 million estate named Xanadu 2.0, inspired by the name of the home of Charles Foster Kane in Orson Welles’s 1941 classic film Citizen Kane.

It took seven years and $63 million to build and develop this elegant five-acre property. Based on the shore of Lake Washington, the Xanadu 2.0 is 66,000 square feet of mansion, surrounded by a hill, boating dock, and the beautiful lakefront. It also has a 17-by-60 foot swimming pool with a unique underwater music system. The house also has great views of Seattle, a built-in private theater, grand staircases, and exercise facilities. Bill Gates also owns an $8.7 million house in Wellington, Florida. The 7,234-square-foot Mediterranean-styled villa has four baths and bedrooms with a stall-barn to keep horses for Bill’s young daughter Jennifer, who enjoys horse riding.


Interesting Facts About Bill Gates’ Net Worth

Number of countries whose total national wealth is less than Bill Gates’ net worth38
Number of Marvel movies that grossed less than Bill Gates’ Net Worth37
Bill Gates’ investment to curb child mortality from malnutrition$776 million
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Grupo Televisa$883 million
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Deere & Co.$2.7 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Ecolab$2.9 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Cascade Investments$40.7 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Microsoft$13 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Corbis Corp $2.2 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Canadian National Railway $4.8 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Republic Services$2.9 billion
Bill Gates’ investment in company: Coca-Cola Femsa$227 million
If Bill Gates’ were a country, then its rank in the world’s “richest country” list37th
Age when Bill Gates became a billionaire31
Cost of Bill Gates’s first program sale (Traf-O-Data)$4,200
Number of years it would take for Bill Gates to Spend All His Net Worth33 (at $6 million a day)
How much Bill Gates would have if he gave $10 to everyone on Earth$2.26 billion
How long it would take for Bill Gates to go bankrupt if all Microsoft users could claim $1 for every time Windows crashes or freezes3 days
Bill Gates Salary Per Hour$1.38 million
Bill Gates Salary Per Minute$23,148
Bill Gates Salary Per Day$33.3 million
Bill Gates Salary Per Year$10 billion+

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