Bill Gates Challenges Twitter Followers to Beat His Quiz Score

Bill Gates has a challenge for all of his Twitter followers—to see if they can beat his score on a quiz that tests your knowledge about the world. The Microsoft co-founder shared a link on his Twitter handle to a quiz posted on his personal blog.

Gates’ “World IQ Quiz,” which he says was put together by his team (he then took the test himself), poses 10 multiple-choice questions that have to do with the “state of the world” today. Every time you answer a question, it tells you right away if you’re right or wrong. If you’re wrong, it’ll show you the correct answer. The slide will also provide you with a few key facts and tells you how many other respondents got the answer right, so you can see how you fare against others.

Some of the answers may surprise you. Unfortunately, you don’t actually get to find out if you beat Bill Gates’ score until you get through the whole quiz. But without giving too much away, we will tell you one thing—it is possible to beat him. Click through till the end will also reveal a surprising pattern in the types of questions being asked.


According to the post on Bill Gates’ blog, the point of the quiz is to raise awareness about how much progress we’ve achieved in the past few years, while also keeping in mind what changes still need to be made. This push to start “reflecting on the state of the world” comes in the same month as a scheduled meeting of global leaders to agree upon sustainable development goals for ending poverty, fighting injustice and inequality, and beating climate change. This Global Goals meeting will be taking place on September 25 in New York.

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