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It looks like the contestants are already having a hard time in the Big Brother house! The Big Brother live feed showed that one of the contestants was injured. What happened to Christmas on Big Brother? We’ve got all the details you need to know right here!

First, it was Megan who left the Big Brother house because the events that transpired inside triggered her PTSD. If you watch the Big Brother live feeds, you must know that one of the contestants was recently injured. Christmas on Big Brother apparently injured her foot and had to seek medical treatment outside of the house. Now, many are wondering if will she be back on the show or if she too will decide to call it quits. Before we get into the details about Christmas’ injury, keep in mind that we have a few Big Brother spoilers.

What Happened to Christmas on Big Brother?

Christmas Abbott’s injury on the show has many people questioning her fate in the Big Brother house. Will she will be staying on the show or will she pack her bags and leave? The incident happened early Monday morning, when Christmas and Jason were playing around in the backyard. Christmas was on Jason’s back, and he seemed to slipped before the two fell down. It looked like Christmas injured her foot, as she was lying down on the lawn in pain. Jason offered to pick her up and take her inside, which she refused, insisting that he calls for help.

“What do I tell them?” asked Jason. “Tell them I broke my f**king foot!” she replied. Help soon arrived for Christmas, who was given medical attention immediately. Several house guests were questioning if Christmas would return. She is considered to be one of the strongest contenders this season so it would certainly shake things up if she left.

Is Christmas Abbott’s Injury Serious?

For a while, viewers could not see Christmas on the live feed and there was no official statement of her fate on the show. However, the latest reports have revealed that Christmas came back into the house after receiving treatment, and will be back to normal soon! She entered the house in the afternoon on crutches, and explained to the other houseguests that her foot was not broken, but there are a few torn ligaments and a possible fracture. In a few days, she will have to go for an MRI to find out more details.

For now, she will likely not be able to compete in any challenges, but will stay in the house until more information about her foot can be given. If the injury is serious, then is a chance that she might have to leave the Big Brother 19 house. Christmas’ leg is currently in a cast, so she won’t be doing any physical activity for the foreseeable future. However, she is a tough competitor and if the injuries are minor, it will be a matter of time until we see her compete again!