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The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here: 2Chainz just released his new track, “Big Amount,” featuring Drake! It’s the latest single is part of 2Chainz’s new album, Daniel Son; Necklace Don.

Fans of the rapper have been searching for terms like “Big Amount mp3” and “Big Amount listen online” in order to learn how to get the full “Big Amount” lyrics. But luckily for you, we have a way to find the “Big Amount”. So, keep reading to find out how!

“Big Amount” is a classic rap song that boasts about 2Chainz and Drake’s lavish lifestyles, showcasing their wealth and clever lyrics. Before the song’s release, 2Chainz teased a text to Drake (labeled as Drizzy) on an Instagram post, talking about the newest track. Fans will notice right away that the song has a woodwind instrumental theme, unlike the usual club-hopping beats that 2Chainz and Drake are known for producing. The woodwind instrumentals were also used on his “MF’N Right” and on the remix featuring Lil’ Wayne.

We have a sample of the song below and the rest of the song is available on

“I got a big amount, I took a different route

I am the pick of the litter

I was in juvy, they gave me community

I had to pick up some litter

I want it easy, please do not tease me”

Fans online are already raving about the song and wasted no time using memes to convey their opinions. Spoiler alert: the reviews are all good! But what do you think of the new track? Sound off in the comments below.