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Were there such a thing as a Bernie Sanders wiki, it would probably be crashing from the number of visitors right now. That’s because not only is he scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) today, but because allegations just came out that, based on emails released by Wikileaks, many other Democratic Party officials undermined Sanders’ campaign to become the party candidate in favor of Hillary Clinton. So, if you had any questions about the hot topic Democrat, be it Bernie Sanders’ age, the identity of Bernie Sanders’ wife, Bernie Sanders’ religion, or the content of Bernie Sanders’ DNC speech, hopefully we can shed some light on the man that everyone, regardless of political affiliation, is talking about.

About Jane Sanders

Bernie Sanders’ wife is Mary Jane O’Meara Sanders, or simply Jane Sanders, who is a social worker, political staffer, and college administrator. The pair married in 1988, and she serves as one of his main advisers, having also worked other roles as a part of his campaign team, including as an administrative assistant and chief of staff. She received some negative press when a school she was once the head of—Burlington College—announced its closure in May due to a massive debt caused by Sanders’ $10.0 million purchase of 32 acres of land.

About Levi Sanders

The other member of the Bernie Sanders’ family is Levi Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ son, who was born in 1969 to Sanders and his then-girlfriend, Susan Campbell Mott. The identity of Levi’s birth mother was initially a surprise to people researching the Bernie Sanders family, as they had assumed he was the son of his first wife, Deborah Shiling. The younger Sanders has been incredibly supportive of his father and his political career, being on a first-name bases with his dad because he considers him a friend rather than an authority figure.

His current wife, Jane Sanders, also has three kids from before marrying the Democrat and he considers them his children as well.

Bernie Sanders’ Net Worth

Bernie Sanders’ net worth shouldn’t seem too notable; after all, the success of a politician is not based on their personal wealth. However, what’s interesting about Bernie Sanders’ net worth is how low it is in comparison to his peers. Of the 100 members of the United States senate, Sanders is indeed ranked low, with his minimum net worth ranking 82nd with $160,000. It could be higher, but his income comes almost entirely from his senator salary; he doesn’t keep his royalties from his book, donating them all to charity instead. He also makes $5,000 a year in pension from his time as mayor of Burlington, Vermont and a little bit from investments.

Bernie Sanders’ Religion

While you may think that, given Bernie Sanders’ age of 74, his faith is rather old-fashioned and he’ll beat you over the head with it, that’s not actually the case. Bernie Sanders’ religion is Judaism and he was raised in a way considered traditional for young Jewish people in the United States. However, he does not practice very heavily, making him stand out somewhat from other past, present and aspiring presidential candidates who use religion as a major part of their platform. According to the leaked emails, at least one person wanted to use his perceived lack of faith against him, painting him as an atheist, alienating him from some supporters.

Bernie Sanders’ DNC Speech

Bernie Sanders’ DNC speech today could be crucial to the hypothetical future Bernie Sanders wiki, as the man will be speaking at length about Hillary Clinton, a woman who his campaign may have been sabotaged in favor of. Sanders can choose to either endorse Clinton, supposedly on the basis that she is a much better option for America’s future than Republican candidate Donald Trump, or undermine his party on a basis that they don’t deserve a win after what they have done—assuming the WikiLeaks emails are true, of course. While sabotaging an entire election for petty reasons is highly unlikely, it doesn’t change that Bernie Sanders’ DNC speech will be an incredibly interesting one.