Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may very well be one of the most highly anticipated movie releases of 2016. But while some people are excited about the blockbuster, there’s at least one famous comic book fan—Joe Rogan, who’s downright angry that this production even exists.

The UFC personality just posted an image on Instagram of the two iconic superheroes from the upcoming movie, but it was the caption he included with it that really got our attention. He starts by calling the plot of the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie “the dumbest f*cking rivalry ever” and that seeing the ads for it actually piss him off.

It seems his issue with the story lies in the unmatched rivalry between the two comic book heroes. According to Rogan, “Superman is an alien that is bulletproof, he can melt metal with laser beams that shoot out of his eyes, he can see through walls with x-ray vision, and he can fly so fast he can make the earth spin backwards and reverse time [sic].” Meanwhile, he describes Batman as “just a rich guy” who has “no f*cking excuse to call himself batman [sic],” because the only thing he does as a superhero is dress up “like a weirdo” and use his billions to buy gadgets that he then uses to save people, many of which end up being “exclusively white guys.”


Being a commentator for UFC, Rogan knows a thing or two about a good fight, and he goes on in his rant to comment on how this Batman vs. Superman matchup would fare in the ring: “The Vegas odds on this fight would be more lopsided than if a gorilla was fighting a baby, but that’s not going to stop them from stuffing this stupid idea into a 2 hour movie that I’m sure I’ll go see just hoping it sucks hard enough for me to get a bit out of it [sic].”

Batman vs. Superman Upsets Joe Rogan

Despite Rogan’s bias, his Instagram post riled up a lot of fans and triggered a pretty heated debate about the movie. While some followers agreed with his take on the plot, others defended the movie and just laughed it off. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait till March 25, 2016 to see how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fares at the box office. Our guess is that whether people go to watch out of admiration or just plain curiosity, this blockbuster will be bringing in big bucks.

Photo: Instagram/batmanvsuperman
Photo: Instagram/joerogan

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